Review: Authentic Italian Pizza and Pasta at Gotti’s Ristorante, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

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Review: Gotti’s Ristorante, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

Our food crawl’s third stop was at Gotti’s Ristorante, an Italian restaurant specializing on pizza and pasta since 2002. When it opened its first branch in 2002 in SM City Bicutan, it was originally known as Pizza Pronto. And when they opened their second branch at SM Megamall in 2008, they named it Gotti’s Ristorante, instead, and gained more following. Thus, they officially replaced Pizza Pronto with Gotti’s Ristorante, and the rest was history.

gotti ristorante

Review: Gotti’s Ristorante, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

Ambiance: Green, White and Red: the colors of Italy’s flag used for Gotti’s logo reflects the strong Italian vibe that the restaurant wanted to exude. Gotti’s Ristorante, named after last American-Itaian mafia icon John Gotti, goes with the tagline, “Italy’s Most Wanted”, as most mafia leaders are. Even inside the small restaurant, it looks like a joint a mafia would frequent: dimmed yellow lights, rustic brick walls and all.

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Gotti’s Ristorante, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

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Food: Food was served in five to seven minutes, and we treated ourselves to the Most Wanted! items on their menu. Here are some which you should consider having for your next Italian dinner:

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Gotti’s Ristorante’s Frutti di Mare (Php 210 for Regular Serving, Php 300 for Sharing)

For seafood lovers, you better check out Gotti’s Ristorante’s Frutti di Mare, which in Italian translates to “Fruit of the Sea.” This is a popular pasta dish, especially along the coast of Italy, as the red sauce is mixed in with a number of different types of seafood. As for Gotti’s version of the Frutti di Mare, they had at least three types of seafood, including clams and squid, thrown into the mix.

Garlic Shrimp (Php 198 for Regular Serving, Php 290 for Sharing)

You can also choose to try their Specialty Sauce-based Garlic Shrimp pasta. It’s topped with big sliced chunks of mushrooms, olives, chopped basil and shrimps. It’s a little oily for my taste, but Italian dishes usually require olive oil, so it hardly counts as unhealthy.

You have a choice to substitute your spaghetti pasta with fettuccine, angel hair or penne for an additional Php 15.

Gotti’s Ristorante’s Bestseller: The Godfather (Php 360)

Another Most Wanted item on their menu is The Godfather: a 12-inch stone-baked crispy and chewy thin-crust pizza topped with the colors of Italy. It has pepperoni, slices of onions, green bell pepper, mushrooms, and olives. I found The Godfather salty for my liking.

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Mi Mama’s Quattro Formaggi / Four Cheese Pizza (Php 295)

This one, however, happens to hit right on the spot: Mi Mama’s Quattro Formaggi Pizza or the Four Cheese Pizza which boasts of a combination of cream cheese, blue cheese, mozarella, and parmesan, all melted in perfect harmony. The greenish spots are the parts where the flavor of blue cheese is strongest, but among the four cheeses, the blue cheese overshadows the flavor of the others. That’s quite good, if you’re a blue cheese lover such as myself. Again, some may find this pizza salty, so you have to try it for yourself and see which Gotti’s pizza you like the most. But my co-blogger JR and I almost had to fight each other to take out the remaining Four Cheese Pizza. It was that good. It beats Figaro’s Five Cheese Pizza by a mile!

Price Range: 250-350/head

I’ve passed by Gotti’s Ristorante a couple of times in the past, and I regret not having tried it earlier! I love Italian food, and it can’t get any more Italian than this. I’d probably even need assistance deciphering the names of the dishes on their menu, because they decided to stick to the Italian names for most of their dishes. It would be great if they can come up with short descriptions for the items on their menu. Other than that, I can’t nitpick on anything else. The price is very affordable for an authentic Italian restaurant, and I would eat here over Yellow Cab or Pizza Hut any day.

Gotti’s Ristorante is one of those restaurants out there that deserves more attention. After craving Italian for some time, I’m glad that I finally had my authentic fill of it c/o Gotti’s Ristorante.-HANA

 Gotti’s Ristorante
4th Level, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall
2nd Level, Bldg. A, SM City Bicutan
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    The seafood pasta looks so good!! I should definitely try this restaurant out. :D They’re so generous with the toppings.

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      True! And it’s so affordable considering that they’re serving authentic Italian. :)

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    hope to win Hana

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