Review: Great Take Home Ideas from The French Baker

french baker manila

French Baker Goodies! Which of these do you want to take home?

Whether its for the kids at home, or when you want to surprise the family by bringing home an unexpected box of treats, The French Baker has some suggestions for take home sweet indulgence you might want to check out.

Super Soft Ensaymada

The kids will surely love having these ensaymada for baon to school. Sometimes, I even sneak to the ref and grab a plateful of these, hihi. Their ensaymada is fluffy and enjoyable, with a lot of cheese toppings for those who love their ensaymadas with more cheese than bread!

What’s in the box?

It’s a French Baker Chocolate Muffin!

The box contains six assorted muffins. I noticed how quickly it was consumed, and it seems our little chikitings in the house liked this a lot. It was unfortunate that I didn’t like my chocolate muffin :( It was dry and crumbles easily and it just tasted salty and difficult to chew and swallow. Dipping it in nutella might have made it better. LOL.

Box of 12 Brownies

This is my favorite among the three! These brownies are the fudgiest, yummiest, chocolatiest brownies I have ever tasted. Never mind that it has nuts on top, because that didn’t seem to bother me from finishing so many of these in one day. My mom loves it, too!

I hope you found some nice pasalubong ideas from this post. Visit The French Baker for their DAnish Pastries, Bars, and Scones, too!-HANA

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  • Melinda  says:

    How much ensaymada soft?

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