What’s New at Gerry’s Grill? (Gerry’s Grill, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque)

Review: Gerry’s Grill, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

Most of us have probably already eaten at Gerry’s Grill. Whether it’s barkada night or a quiet family dinner, or a drinking session with your closest pals, Gerry’s Grill has it covered. Which is why, today, I’m not going to write about what you already know. Instead, I’m going to shine some light on some 411 you wish you knew earlier about Gerry’s Grill. Here are some:

gerry's grill menu

Gerry’s Grill, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

Gerry’s Grill Group Meals

Gerry’s Grill Group Meals

Gerry’s Grill Group Meals is perfect for a group of 4-5 people. For less than Php 300/head, you get 4 main dishes, 1 rice platter, and a tower of iced tea. Totally a winner deal, considering that their food is really good! Consider heading to Gerry’s for a group meeting or a weekend dinner with family and friends and find out for yourself how sulit the Group Meals are.

Here are the dishes that we had availed:

gerry grill menu

Inihaw na Pusit 500g (Php 355)

gerry grill menu

Pinaputok na Cream Dory (Php 285)

gerry grill menu

Inihaw na Manok (Php 245)

gerry's grill menu

Pork Barbecue (Php 155 for two sticks)

New on Gerry’s Grill’s Menu

Salted Egg Ensalada (Php 95)

Fresh on Gerry’s Grill’s menu is their Salted Egg Ensalada, a healthy and refreshing combination of ensalada on top of your eggplant. What I liked about the Salted Egg Ensalada was that the salted egg wasn’t too salty and that it did not overpower the flavor of the other ingredients. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it’s either Nestle Cream or milk that put a twist to this classic Pinoy side dish.

Sizzling Oriental Garlic Seafoods (Php 225)

If you’re into seafood, you’re in for a treat. The Sizzling Oriental Garlic Seafood features four different types of seafood served sizzling hot and tasty.

Gerry’s Grill Bestsellers


Of course, who can forget about the bestselling classics? These bestsellers are sure to keep you coming back again and again!

Gerry's Grill menu

Beef Kare-Kare (Php 325)

gerry's grill menu

Crispy Pata (Php 465)

gerry's grill bestseller

Adobo Puso Rice (Php 175)

The Adobo Puso Rice, pronounced like the Filipino word ‘puso’, and not the Cebuano word ‘puso’ or hanging rice in English, features adobo rice wrapped in banana leaves that resemble the shape of a heart, hence the name, “Adobo Puso Rice.” For those who like their rice extra tasty, the Adobo Puso Rice is for you.

gerry's grill bestseller

Ginataang Kuhol (Php 185)

Gerry’s Grill has Ginataang Kuhol! Not a lot of restaurants have kuhol on their menu, so I jumped at the opportunity to finally get to taste kuhol. The exotic dish did not disappoint. You just pick out the kuhol meat with a toothpick and enjoy! Everyone who dines at Gerry’s Grill should not miss the chance to try out their Ginataang Kuhol.

gerry's grill drinks

Drinks: Gerry’s Houseblend Iced Tea Special (Php 76)

gerry's grill drinks

Four Seasons (Php 80)

For those who like to keep their drinks uncomplicated, their House blend Iced Tea Special will keep you refreshed all throughout the meal. But my choice of drink that night was the Four Seasons. It was impossible to miss, with its burst of sunset colors in every glass. Yum!

Gerry’s Grill Desserts

I was completely uninformed that Gerry’s Grill carry desserts on their menu. I mean, why have I never thought they would? And like most of their dishes, they make it well. I made it a point to savor all of their desserts, if that’s the only thing I could down with my stomach full from the first three restaurants we’ve been to.

gerry's grill desserts

Ginataang Halo-Halo (Php 85)

The Classic Ginataang Halo-halo. How often do you have this dish for dessert anyway? If you haven’t in a while, go try out Gerry’s Grill version of the Ginataang Halo-halo. It’s not too sweet, and has a lot of bilo-bilo, saba, and other ingredients to chew on.

gerry's grill dessert

Toasted Ice Cream (Php 155)

The Toasted Ice Cream was one intriguing dessert. How in the world can you toast ice cream and still make it look cool? (pun intended)

The Toasted Ice Cream is made with layered crepe wrapper that has been kept in the fridge for quite some time, giving it that crispy texture, and something to bite into while savoring this dish. Drizzled with chocolate syrup, and you get ice cream like you’ve never tasted before. It’s not like the friend ice cream that used to be a trend in shopping malls before, and I believe everyone should try out this unique take on ice cream.

Fruit Platter (Php 135)

For the fruit lovers, the Fruit Platter might strike your fancy. It has generous servings of bananas, apples, mangoes, and papaya, with vanilla ice cream and cherry on top.

Some Behind The Scenes Action. Bloggers taking it seriously.

Suffice it to say that our dining experience at Gerry’s Grill made us realize that there were a lot of items on their menu that we never knew existed. I always had this notion that Gerry’s was the go-to for the best pulutan that goes hand in hand with good booze. It was only now that I figured it was so much more.-HANA

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  • Nix  says:

    Inihaw na pusit will always be my favorite in Gerry’s Grill!

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