New Discovery: Inexpensive Pizza Cones at Aloha Pizza Cones (Rotonda, Pasig)

Pizza Cones! Cheesy Bacon (Php 30) and Beef Supremo (Php 35)

One of the things I strongly believe in life is that, “As long as there’s pizza (and ketchup), then nothing could be so bad.” And even on a really bad day, like the one I had last Monday, I knew that I can count on pizza to cheer me up. (Yes, I do have friends, but pizza makes time for me 24/7, so pizza.)

Imagine my surprise to find this place one tricycle ride away from my house, in a small spot at the busy intersection of Rotonda, Pasig. Rotonda, Pasig is different from the one at Capitol Commons. The one I’m referring to is located nearer to Bagong Ilog and Barangay Caniogan, near Rizal High School in Pasig. It was a small tarpaulin with the words, “Aloha Pizza Cones” and the color of Italy’s flag that called my attention. I’ve encountered pizza cones during my online research on anything and everything pizza, something I do when I have all the time in the world to feed my fascination for the wonder that is. I’ve never heard of any place selling pizza cones in Manila, which prompted me to waste no time and hurry to my destination.

Aloha Pizza Cone, Rotonda Pasig City

So here’s what I found: the stall of Aloha Pizza Cone, and an area with seats to accommodate some twenty customers. I was the only customer at that time, around 5:30 in the afternoon. Before I approached the stall to make my order, I already prepared myself mentally to shell out Php 100-150 for a pizza cone. Fortunately, it was so much cheaper than I thought.

Aloha Pizza Cone Menu and Pricelist

Sorry for the photo! It wasn’t placed under the best lighting, so I had to make do with this. See how cheap these are? I was tempted to buy one of each flavor just to try them all out and share it with you, but they only had Cheesy Bacon and Beef Supremo at that time.

Oven for the Pizza Cones

Even though I was the sole customer during my visit, I still had to wait some fifteen to twenty minutes for my order. I initially ordered a Beef Supremo, but decided to add a Cheesy Bacon, too. In the photo above, my Beef Supremo held in place by a metal holder molded in a spiral shape.

Ta-da! A look at the pizza cone

I wasn’t able to take a photo of their couch, but they had a couch, which was also orange in color like their other seats. I waited comfortably, and when the pizza cones were ready, the attendant brought it to my table. The cones were wrapped in colorful paper, with the top edges cut with a decorative scissor. The photo above shows what the pizza cone looks like underneath the wrapper.

Beef Supremo (Php 35)

The pizza cones were six inches long with a two-inch diameter. It was small, but for the price, I would say it’s just right. I didn’t have a photo of what the Cheezy Bacon looked like under the thick layer of cheese on top (because I immediately ate it and forgot) but here’s a photo of the Beef Supremo.

I recall that the Beef Supremo had a layer on cheese on top, followed by a heavy layer of ground beef, then another layer of melted cheese, and then beef all the way. It was tasty alright, but lacked tomato sauce. Their hot sauce, which tasted more like ketchup, compensated for the lack of tomato sauce.

All good things must come to an end~ :(

Two pizza cones served as my dinner last Monday. It wasn’t extremely delicious, though it was okay. I do wish they put more tomato sauce, but maybe they’re afraid it would spill when the customer takes a bite. Hopefully, in the future, they would come up with bigger pizza cones for the depressed. :)) I think I need a 12 inch pizza rolled into a cone and a bottle of beer to make me feel better, thank you.

It wasn’t extraordinary, but the experience of eating pizza in a cone was definitely a new experience. I’m sure you’d love to try this for yourself, too! Some friends informed me that there is another food establishment selling pizza cones called “Amazing Cones”. They’re based in New Manila, but last I heard, they have a food truck stationed at Capitol Commons, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City. It’s along Shaw Boulevard. You might want to check that out :)-HANA

4 comments to New Discovery: Inexpensive Pizza Cones at Aloha Pizza Cones (Rotonda, Pasig)

  • Pau Alagao  says:

    Cool concept! :)

  • alvin imperial  says:

    very creative nmn ng idea n eto.. :) i so inlove with pizza p nmn.. kso prng mbibitin ako neto. lol

    • dollhana  says:

      Then you can buy more than one! Ako nga I wanted to order all the five flavors eh! :P

  • Silve  says:

    Pizza is love… now I’m hungry XD why so far from me pizza cones XD

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