Review: Kanin All U Can! at Adobo Connection, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

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Review: Adobo Connection at SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

Named as the unofficial national dish of the Philippines, adobo’s recipe is truly indigenous to the country. Despite the dish’s name being Spanish in origin which means marinade or seasoning, the cooking process was encountered by the Spanish from the natives during the Hispanic colonization. The word adobo is originally used to refer to the cooking process of marinading and stewing with vinegar, and not the dish itself. But the Filipinos have come to refer to dishes cooked in this manner as adobo, and the rest, as we say, is history.

adobo connection

Adobo Connection at SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

Adobo Connection has made it possible for Pinoys to enjoy this popular Filipino dish at a price anyone in a budget can afford. They offer Kain All U Can! Meals, which are great for the hungry and those blessed with a big appetite for rice. As with many Pinoy dishes, Adobo oozes with flavor, which is why a hefty amount of rice is the best to go with it.

Ambiance: Adobo Connection’s interiors, especially their choice of displays on the walls, scream nothing but Pinoy pride. Pictured in the photo above are some icons and symbols of the Filipino culture, such as our national hero, Jose Rizal; the national animal, the carabao, among others. If you’re Pinoy, you’d find the display above easy to relate to. And if you’re not, then enjoy the crash course in everything Philippine culture in one wall.

Not-so-hungry bloggers waiting for our food~

Food: We had the chance to try a lot of Adobo Connection’s Kanin All U Can! Meals that day, and here are my favorites:

Crispy Adobo Flakes (Php 99)

adobo meals

Traditional Adobo Flakes (Php 99)

The Adobo Flakes provide a wonderful new twist to the usual adobo. I find the Crispy Adobo Flakes’ texture so appetizing. The Traditional Adobo Flakes have thicker shreads of pork adobo, and isn’t as dry and crispy to the bite as the Crispy Adobo Flakes, but is definitely juicier and tastier.

adobo meals

Traditional Adobo (Php 109 for Chicken, Pork, or Mixed)

If you want a no-nonsense adobo meal, choose the Traditional Adobo. You get to also decide if you want Chicken, Prok, or a combination of both!

adobo restaurant

Adobo sa Gata (Php 119 for Chicken, Pork, or Mixed)

adobo restaurant

Cheesy Adobo (Php 119 for Chicken, Pork, or Mixed)

If you’re a big fan of cheese, the kind who can eat cheese with anything, then you might like their Cheesy Adobo rice meal. Personally, I didn’t find it anything special or revelatory. It was just grated cheese on top of the Traditional Adobo. The cheese provides a sweet and salty taste to the dish.

adobo meal

Add Soup and a Regular Drink for Php 20, Large for Php 30

adobo restaurant

Add soup and a Regular Drink for Php 20, Large Drink for Php 30

Dagdag Sarap Sides

We also got to try their side dishes: The Kare-Kareng Gulay, Gising-gising, and Adobong Kangkong.


adobo side dish

Gising-Gising (Php 35)

Gising-gising is a dish which resembles Bicol Express in preparation. The dish involves ground pork, green beans, coconut milk, shrimp paste, and chili. It’s my first time to try this since I haven’t seen this dish anywhere else, and I can say it’s worth a try!

adobo kare-kare

Kare-Kareng Gulay (Php 35)

For the ‘saucy’ foodie, you might want to complement your adobo meal wtih Kare-Kareng Gulay. I liked that they used vegetables for this sides, which makes it a preferable healthy side dish over shanghai rolls or chichadobo.

adobong kangkong

Adobong Kangkong (Php 35)

We also tried out their desserts Ube Turon and Flan Turon. It’s turon filled with ube or flan instead of the usual saba. I liked this dessert because I haven’t seen this anywhere else, and two pieces of these for Php 29 is very affordable and is great value for money.

ube flan

Ube Flan (Php 29)

flan turon

Flan Turon with Confectioner’s Sugar (Php 29)

Price Range: Php 100-150/meal; For meryenda, Php 50-80

Adobo Connection at SM City Bicutan

I’ve eaten at Adobo Connection many times before and I can say that it still gets me coming back when I crave for Adobo and adobo rice. They also have Adobo Paos and Kape Gulaman, my afternoon snack favorites. Their Sizzling Sisig and Fish and Tofu are on top of my list of dishes to try the next time I visit one of their branches. If you haven’t tried Adobo Connection yet, you are missing one half of your Pinoy life.-HANA

6 comments to Review: Kanin All U Can! at Adobo Connection, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

  • Arauilio Mendez  says:

    i agree the food is great in Adobo Connection, but what makes me feel bad about the restaurant is those few people who caught my attention.
    I’m from California and have a car business here in Philippines very particular in Imus Cavite. i dine in Adobo Connection in SM City Bacoor and i saw this lady. who acting like she is the owner of Adobo Connection it was June 7, 2014 if i’m not mistaken. i dont why she acted like that to his staff, i dont know what is happening but she sound so angry. and i asked the staff what is her name and the staff replied to me her name is Ms Larmie or Lanie i dont know remember the exact name. the staff said that she is our area manager. i said to myself what the fuck?, she dont look like a manager or something, i meet lots of managers here in Manila but the way she talk she doesnt look like one of them. for me she looks like a maid or something. I’m calling the attention of the owner of Adobo Connection, why do you people hired someone like her. she is disgrace to your company name. please do something about her. will come back soon to manila, and still eat to adobo connection but i wont dine again in SM BACOOR branch, or nevertheless i dont want to see the face of that area manager again.

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Arauilio, thanks for sharing your story. That’s pretty unfortunate to have someone like that in the management of Adobo Connection, and I do hope that the management takes notice of your feedback. :)

  • Maria Theresa Antonio- Pasay City  says:

    I have eaten also in Adobo Connection.. many times.. the food is great the ambiance is great the people is great.. i agree to Mr Arauilio Mendez, i also encoutered that lady.. in SM MOA way back March if i remember. she act like the owner of adobo “bastos” so to speak.,. i also talked to one of the staff sabe ko pa nga.. Manager ba sya?, hindi sya mukhaang manager.. the way she dress even the gesture..i dont think that she can run the restaurant very well as she is not deserve to be part of that good restaurant.. a piece of advise to Adobo Connection, hired creadible, good looking and professional people.. he sounds “palakera” and not an area manager to me.. thanks

  • Mar Santos- Makati City, Food Critic  says:

    For me i guess this should call the attention of Adobo Connection Management..i have also tried to reach them in their website but unfortunately the site the adobo connection have has no comment section for this kind of complaint. if can you can send this dollhana to the attention of the owner of adobo connection i guess this will help them to improve. i’m an avid fan of adobo. but i guess this will be a big challege for them on how they will trained their people. what i have read to this 2 concern people is very alarming.critizising food is different in critizising the management skills of the people who happens to be not the owner but just an area manager. if you can help this people send this to the management of Adobo Connection it will be a big help for them to improve their system. i will remember those 2 branches and i’m hoping that our path will not crossed i dont care who she is or what she is.. :) thanks Dollhana..

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Mar and Maria :) I’ve forwarded your concern to their Social Media team and hope that they will escalate this to their management. I’ll update you if I hear anything from them. Thank you! :)

  • Clair Manelo Cuertas-Call Center Agent  says:

    Arrogant Managers don’t deserve to be in Service line of Business.. they should know how to treat their staff very well. reprimand them if needed but not in public.. people is your bread and butter..

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