Perxclub 3.0: Instant Freebies and Newest Partner Merchants

Special Perks

Great news for all Perxclub members! Perxclub app’s recent update, the Perxclub 3.0 features Special Perks (Read: INSTANT FREEBIES!) If you have the latest update of the app on your phone, avail Special Perks simply by checking in using the app. You get instant freebies or special discounts without the need to collect Perxtamps. How cool is that?

Partner Merchants

With Perxclub continuously gaining more Partner Merchants, members can definitely expect access to more discounts and freebies with just a few taps on their smartphones. Don’t miss out on the freebies! Download the app on your phone today!

5 comments to Perxclub 3.0: Instant Freebies and Newest Partner Merchants

  • Pau Alagao  says:

    I’ve been hearing about this perksclub and I would love to try it. Thank you so much for this wonderful article Miss Hana! :)

  • Pete  says:

    This is app is very promising. Just that it has too much bugs on android, hope they fix is soon.. Awesome merchants there!

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Pete! I’ll let them know about your feedback! Care to specify what bugs you noted when you used the app?

  • alvin imperial  says:

    i’d never try this.. thanks for ths info.

    • dollhana  says:

      Yup! Don’t miss out on the discount, Alvin! :)

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