Peekawoo Speed Dating: What my First Speed Dating Experience Taught Me

Peekawoo’s Sparks Valentines held last February 15, 2014 at The Distillery, The Fort

Ever since I can recall, I’ve been dying to try out speed dating just for the experience. I even wanted to go back when I still had a boyfriend. Unfortunately, I never got to try it out earlier, until an opportunity presented itself through Peekawoo. A startup company that has been making news all over the globe, Peekawoo is a ” speed dating website, chat roulette and game all in one.” If you haven’t heard of it yet, that’s okay because they’re fairly new and only launched last September 2013. “Fun, friendly, and wholesome chatting,” ensuring that girls feel safe when interacting with guys, Peekawoo is a website made for girls by girls. Power to the girls!

I didn’t have a valentine this year, and I refuse to succumb to the loneliness that affect the singles community of epidemic proportions during this time of the year. If I don’t have a boyfriend, that means I can finally go on a speed dating event, right? So I did.

I was swept with excitement and anxiety for my first ever speed dating event. I even got lost trying to locate the venue, but got there only thirty minutes late (thirty minutes lang naman!) So when I arrived, they already started. I was hesitant to join at first and just wanted to observe the event from a safe distance, but thought to myself that I dressed up and tried to be all pretty, I might as well jump in and experience it for myself! I’m not going to read about other people’s speed dating experiences online forever!

The setup involved a two-minute short date between the ladies and the gents. After which, the guys stay put while the girls transfer to another table to start another round. Everyone was given a small piece of paper at the start of the event, where you get to write down the names of the people you liked and would probably be interested to have a real date with after the event is over. Peekawoo plays cupid and match couples based on what they wrote down, and arrange a date for the matched couple.

So here are some of the stuff I learned during my first speed dating experience.

  • If you feel like you don’t have time to meet other singles because of your busy schedule, speed dating events allow you to meet a large number of singles in a short amount of time. I’ve talked with some people who participated in the event mainly for this reason. Most people however, like myself, simply wanted to experience the thrill and fun speed dating provides.
  • If you’re bad with names, write them down! Especially if you found someone you’ve established a connection with. I learned this the hard way, when I found my piece of paper empty at the end of the event. And I had such a hard time trying to recall names!
  • One tip I learned from one of the guys at the event was very helpful in remembering names. Or maybe I remembered his name because he taught me this tip. He told me that in order to remember a name, you have to repeat it three times so that you can commit it to memory. Works for me, despite me being poor with names.

  • Maybe you can practice at home or before the event a brief introduction of yourself. That way, you get to plan what you tell people and you don’t waste so much time. You also get to focus on conversation, and that really helps in determining whether you have a connection with your date
  • Peekawoo has “cheat cards” (I think I’m the only one who calls them that) I take out those cards with questions on them when I have absolutely nothing to talk about with my date.
  • It’s important to make sure that you get to share about yourself, and also get to learn stuff about your date. In my case, I think I was more interested in learning about the lives of other people than sharing about my own :)) I don’t think I made an impression on any of the guys because of that.

It was also an incredible coincidence that I met Claire, an old friend who I haven’t seen in years during the event. It was so surprising for the both of us to find each other participating in a speed dating. I think it’s safe to say that it was probably the last place we expected to meet each other after years of not meeting. Claire introduced me to some friends she came along with: Kevin, Raphael, and Lizelle. Needless to say, I found a comfort zone in their company. They were like my friends na din because they were Claire’s friends.

Met new friends~!

But what if I never met Claire, or anyone I know, during the event? Lizelle brought up a very good point to me. I asked Lizelle if there was anyone among the guys that she felt she’d like to date or hangout with after the event. She told me that there were a couple of guys that she established a connection with, and she’d love to hangout with them sometime after. I told her that I didn’t feel the same way. She said that maybe because I wasn’t looking, because if I were, I’d probably have found someone or tried harder to establish a connection. She was right.

I found the “two-minute dating period” too short to actually feel any connection with anyone, I told Lizelle. She responded that getting to know the guys doesn’t end when the event ends. Since there’s free time allocated after the event to go around and interact with others without the time limit, maybe if she didn’t go with her friends, she’d most probably approach the guys she was comfortable being with after the event. That after the event was still a critical period to strengthen whatever connection they had during the short encounter and determine if they have other similar interests. But because her friends were there, she chose to stay with her friends, who made her the most comfortable. So this is a good point to consider when planning to go on a speed dating event with friends.

Post-event, we got to enjoy a free glass of drinks, and were handed our VMV lootbags!

The contents of my VMV lootbag. Thank you, Peekawoo!

#14. Speed Dating — crossed off my bucket list!

So maybe I didn’t really find anyone I’d like to date, or meet after the event with any romantic intention. Big deal! It was a fun and thrilling experience. I got to meet an old friend, and made new friends. And I finally get to write about my first-hand experience of what’s it like to go on a speed dating. Would I do I recommend going on a speed dating? Definitely! Challenge yourself to go on one event, for the experience, to make new friends or probably even find love. Whatever it is, this should be on your must-tries. As for me, this one’s finally crossed off mine. -HANA

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20 comments to Peekawoo Speed Dating: What my First Speed Dating Experience Taught Me

  • Roch  says:

    I also want to join one to quench my curiosity haha but for sure magagalit boyfriend ko. :)) This event looked fun! Yeah, 2 minutes sounds short. I know most speed dating allows about five minutes for each turn.

    • dollhana  says:

      I do have a few friends who are planning to go with their boyfriends to the event. They’ll just pretend they’re not together, just so that they could try it out for themselves :)) Maybe you should go together! :P

  • toni  says:

    i have a friend also attended that event :) and i’m planning to come next time

    • dollhana  says:

      Peekawoo is going to have another speed dating scheduled on March. Check out their website and Facebook page for updates :D Don’t bring friends para mas fun! :)

  • Lornajane  says:

    Ha! This sounds wonderful :) (If I get to see other people do the speed dating. I would feel kinda akward as well if I were there but it would be nice to try it out someday :) hehe :)

    I have seen speed dating with a movie but I did not know this exists in the Philippines.

    I hope Pekawoo can have this event here in Iloilo City :)

    NIce article :)

    • dollhana  says:

      Thanks for the comment :D Are you referring to My Amnesia Girl? Haha, yeah, before Peekawoo, I didn’t know of any speed dating organizers in Manila. But I learned from the participants of the event that there are other speed dating organizers, and they put together speed dating events on a regular basis, but only more popular during the Valentines season :D

  • Marcus  says:

    I didn’t know stuff like this still existed up to now. :) Would be funny to see someone I know too. Nice post.

    • dollhana  says:

      Hope you can try it sometime :D

  • Vanessa  says:

    All the people in the photos seem to be having a great time judging by their smiling faces so maybe that type of dating is real fun!

  • Franc Ramon  says:

    Even if you weren’t able to select a date, at least you enjoyed a night. It takes me time to warm up to people so speed dating is not for me.

    • dollhana  says:

      Yeah, I found it difficult to warm up to my dates. That’s why I felt two minutes wasn’t sufficient for me.

  • Debarpan  says:

    An event like this is really fun and great enjoyment.Would love to join such an event whenever get chances.

  • Yen  says:

    Waaah! So cool! Can’t imagine myself joining an event like this but this is something I would totally recommend to my single friends! I agree on you about the “two-minute dating period” being too short. Were you able to ask all the important questions within that span of time? :)

    • dollhana  says:

      No :)) I was only able to ask them if it was their first time, too, and what they do for a living and during their free time. Nothing that really lets you know if you have a connection :<

  • Koravi Dinesh  says:

    these activities decrease the time to know each other ! I guess it should have been great experience ! i would surely tell about this to my friends ! Thankyou for the post.

  • William  says:

    This is an exciting event. It was already feature in TV program and from your post,it was full of fun. Hope every participant of this speed dating will find their true love :)

  • stacy |crumpylicious  says:

    I’d love to try this someday because it will really test my socializing skills. Imagine 2 minutes lang to build a connection and this are a mix bunch of guys which I have no background info of.

  • alvin imperial  says:

    kakatuwa nmn eto.. this is applicable for all single out there.. ;D but for me i think much better if you found your partner unexpectedly.. just surprising. hehe

    • dollhana  says:

      Mas romantic, no? :P

  • alvin imperial  says:

    yah.. romantic.. :))

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