Review: Cookie Butter Meets Donuts with Mister Donut’s Cookie Butter Collection


What’s inside the Mister Donut Box?

I was probably asleep when the world went crazy for cookie butter because I had a crazy thought that cookie butter = peanut butter. My life is a lie. Had I known that cookie butter involved the taste of chewy cookie combined with cinnamon, I would have jumped into the bandwagon for cookie butter earlier! So I welcomed my first encounter with cookie butter mixed into donuts from Mister Donut’s latest Signature Cookie Butter Collection, and I picked it up from the Mister Donut Greenhills Branch where it’s exclusively available. The call of donuts is too hard to resist.

Tada! Mister Donut’s Signature Cookie Butter Collection

What’s included in the signature line? Six Biscoff Cookie Butter-filled Do-ssants, French Crullers, and Pon de Rings.

Pon de Ring Donuts

Creamy Cookie Butter Pon de Ring (Php 39)

Crunchy Cookie Butter Pon de Ring (Php 49)

During my research, I was surprised to find out that the Pon de Ring donut was a Mister Donut original! Mister Donut Japan created a mascot character named Pon de Lion, which looked like a lion with a mane shaped like a ring. It has widely become associated with the brand and even inspired other brands to create a donut which looked like small circular donuts formed into a ring. My first encounter with this type of donut was Gavino’s, who called their donuts “Japanese donuts” without reference to the original creator.

Between the two Pon de Rings, I enjoyed biting into the Crunchy Cookie Butter Pon de Ring more simply because it had caramel and chocolate on top, and was sweeter and more addicting. Of course, the white Creamy Cookie Butter did not disappoint, and had its fair share of Biscoff bursting goodness found in the middle of the donut. The powdered sugar lent a mild level of sweetness to the treat. The Pon de Rings really took chewy donuts to a new level. I can remember chewing one ring for a minute, and found that it’s more enjoyable eating donuts when you spend more time chewing on them, than just biting off and swallowing it down.

The French Crullers

Crunchy Cookie Butter French Cruller (Php 49)

Creamy Cookie Butter French Cruller (Php 39)

The French Cruller features an airy texture, or fluffy as more people would prefer. The Creamy French Cruller looks like a crown with an interlace of chocolate and cookie butter on top, while the Crunchy French Cruller has a cookie butter cream dollop with mini chocolate shavings sprinkled on top.

The Do-ssant

Crunchy Cookie Butter Do-ssant (Php 75)

To be totally honest, I don’t know how different Cronuts are from Mister Donut’s Do-ssant. I tried looking it up, but it only leads to a confirmation that do-ssant is just another hybrid name for croissant. The gastronomic experience is pretty much the same.

I got two Crunchy Cookie Butter Do-ssants because they didn’t have the Creamy variant at that time, priced cheaper at Php 70 per piece. It had mocha filling inside, and cookie butter spread generously on top, with a sprinkling of caramel and chocolate drops to make it more irresistible. So if you’re dying to have a cronut but find them too expensive for your taste or budget, the Mister Donut Do-ssant would make a really good alternative, especially if you’re into Biscoff.

Mister Donut Greenhills Branch

The signature donut line is only available at Mister Donut’s Greenhills Branch for only Php 300/ box. If you ever fancy one type of donut more than the other, go experiment and try out the other flavors they offer! They’re also sold per piece, per half dozen, and per dozen. Satisfy your craving for cookie butter and head over to Mister Donut Greenhills Branch for your donut fix!-HANA

6 comments to Review: Cookie Butter Meets Donuts with Mister Donut’s Cookie Butter Collection

  • Pau Alagao  says:

    Mister Donut’s newest creations makes me crave for it now! Yummy! Too bad it’s only available in Greenhills. I hope they will make it nationwide soon but thank you for this awesome blog Miss Hana! :)

    • dollhana  says:

      Why Pau? Where you from ba? Inaccessible ba GHills? :<

      • Pau Alagao  says:

        I’m from Valenzuela. I’m not familiar with Greenhills but hopefully I’ll visit the Mister Donut’s branch there. :) Thank you Miss Hana.

        • dollhana  says:

          You should try to schedule a visit sometime :) More than Mister Donut, there are a lot of bargain finds at Ghills that you can only find there :D

  • Hainrihi  says:

    Ang sasarap hahaha makes me crave these suddenly :D

  • alvin imperial  says:

    wow.. appearance pa lang, nkakatakam at nkaka busog na.. hope to drop by there soon. so i can also try the taste of mister donuts cookie butter. :)

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