Our Happy Hour at Gerry’s Grill, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

Gerry’s Grill, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

After eating for six hours straight in six different restaurants, we decided to celebrate and chill out at Gerry’s Grill, where else? There isn’t any place more fun to just spend some time together with a glass of margarita in one hand, and a fork with your choice of pulutan in the other.

gerry's grill pulutan

Sugba Kilaw (Php 285)

Sugba Kilaw is a combination of grilled pork belly or liempo, and kilawin tanguige. The name comes from the two cooking method combined in this dish: sugba, which means to grill; and kilaw, which means to cook by soaking in vinegar. This was quite a treat for me because I love grilled limepo in vinegar. It was unfortunate I didn’t get to appreciate the kilawin tanguige. I look forward to trying this dish next time I’m here!

gerry's grill drinks pulutan

Chicken Skin (Php 145)

I was also in line to have a taste of their Chicken Skin, but in no time, it was already gone. That must mean something. :))

gerry's grill menu

Sizzling Pork Sisig (Php 196)

What’s a drinking sesh without a plate of Sizzling Pork Sisig? Besides, it’s everyone’s favorite at Gerry’s. They also offer Sizzling Tuna Sisig for those who want to lay off on pork.

gerry's grill seafood

Sizzling Seafood Gambas (Php 235)

New on Gerry’s Grill menu is the Sizzling Seafood Gambas. It has about five different types of seafood, swimming in spicy tomato sauce, and makes for a mouthwatering pica-pica! It’s moderately spicy, so make sure to hold on to your glass of drinks! This happens to be my second favorite pulutan of the night.

Spicy Sashimi (Php 255)

The Best Pulutan Award goes to the Spicy Sashimi! It’s diced sashimi drizzled with wasabi sauce, and makes for a very juicy and tasty pulutan. If you’re into Japanese food, you’ll definitely like this. JR and I monopolized this dish and finished it even though we were getting sick at the sight of food already. This one was novel, and something you might want to try in place of the usual sisig.

A Pitcher of Blue Margarita (Php 375)

The Blue Margarita, however, was too strong for us. I had to drink a sip and glug down a glass of water after! If you’re hoping it tastes like juice, think again. Not for the weak and light drinkers, and probably at the heavier end of the cocktail spectrum, if there is such a thing.

And that concludes our crazy food crawl at SM City Bicutan!

Food crawls and food reviews are not doing any wonders for my body. But I couldn’t care less. Enjoying all these great food and great moments, with these wonderful and brilliant bloggers; what more can I ask for? If you ask me if I’d do it all over again, I’d say YES! in a heartbeat.-HANA

Thank you once again to SM City Bicutan and Jeoff Solas of LiberatingJepoy.com for making #FoodGalore possible. :)

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