How to Achieve the Perfect Face Shape

How to achieve a beautiful face shape like that of an ulzzang’s? Read on.

Ever wanted to have that ulzzang face shape envied by many? I’m no expert in the topic, and you know how my facial bone structure won’t let me have that perfectly sculpted jawline and slim face. So I made sure to take some tips from Yakson House Makati on how to have a beautiful face shape, and here are some of the tips they gave me:

Tip # 1: Channel Lee Dasom when you’re brushing. You can never be not beautiful when you’re Lee Dasom.

1. Don’t open your mouth too wide when you’re yawning, toothbrushing, etc.

2. Don’t touch your face too much. According to the Koreans, it might promote sagging due to ‘gravity’. I don’t really know if this is backed up by some solid scientific evidence, but I do know that touching your face frequently, especially with unclean hands, can cause pimples. So regardless of motivation, just don’t touch your face when not necessary.

Hong Young-gi <3

3. Don’t chew too much chewing gum or sticky food.
4. Use your lower jaw up and down not sideways.

5. Don’t eat too much side dishes. (not good for digestion)
6. Don’t eat too much soup and water while having a meal. (drink warm water 30 mins. before and 2 hours after)

After my ten-session program with them (which you can read about HERE),I also asked them if they can teach me any massage techniques I can do on my own to help me achieve a beautiful face shape faster. They recommended that I watch and share this video with the rest of my readers.

It might seem impossible to try and mold the shape of your face into a more beautiful one, but I was able to try it out for myself and see the difference that massage can make. Why don’t you give it a try and see if it works for you?

Hope you were able to pick up some useful tips! If you have any additional tips to share, leave a comment below so that other people can  try them too!-HANA

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  • alvin imperial  says:

    watta nice tips.. ;)

  • Aegeane Brioso  says:

    Love the faces of korean! They are too cute! I love tips, really helpful. Super nice!

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