The 30-Day Squat Challenge

Squat Challenge

The 30-day Squat Challenge

Here’s a challenge you ladies might want to try: The 30-day Squat Challenge. To be fair, this challenge isn’t new, and has been spread on Facebook so many times in the past few months that I’m wondering how you haven’t heard of it yet. It looks difficult, with the increasing number of squats that are required of you everyday, but there are rest days in regular intervals. And if you’re wondering why the exercise of choice is squatting instead of other more rigorous exercises? Here’s why:

Lifted, toned buttocks.

See the difference squatting can do?

If you’re interested, commit to the challenge and see it through. If you’re not confident you can finish a hundred squats a day, then might as well do fifty everyday, consistently, than quit squatting just because you can’t do more. If you can’t do more, do it consistently and make it a habit.

Summer bodies, here we come!-HANA

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