Yakson House Makati Update: 7th Session Done!

At Yakson House Makati, Philippines

I am finally done with my 7th session! Huzzah! \(`0´)/ Three more sessions to go!

So far, it’s been the usual session with the back massage, facial care and massage, and then the application of the mask. Sometimes, the facial massage comes before the mask application, and sometimes, it comes later. But recently, they have introduced two different types of mask, and even a chest + belly massage!

For the masks, they have the 30 plants pack which is made of 30 different herbal ingredients from Korea. It’s supposed to tighten the face and keep it firm. When applied, you slightly feel the tightening and stretching effect of the mask on your skin.

30 Plants Pack — Sorry for the unflattering photo, but this is the only photo taken of me with the mask

The other mask is the white mask, which I think is called the molding pack. It’s cold when applied to your skin, which seems to really help with my breakouts and pimples. I love this mask better than the 30 Plants Pack.

Molding Mask

There was also the front/chest + belly massage, which was introduced to me during the sixth session. I was so surprised that the chest and belly area can also be massaged, and initially it was quite uncomfortable. Ms. Liza, my therapist, explains to me that the importance of having the front or back massage is to unclog the system below the area of the face and the neck. This will make the face massage more effective. If you think about it, the analogy is like fixing a clogged pipe. :)

So far, I’ve yet to see more changes on my face shape, but I think that the sessions are really helping make my face look smaller than it already is.

I looked at Yakson House’s Website and also found that a lot of our favorite Korean celebrities are clients of Yakson House! Found Lee Min Ho, and my favorite girl ever, Goo Hara ♥(ノ´∀`)

Yakson House Celebrities

It’s not crazy to wish I could have the perfect face shape like them in the future, right? Hopefully, with Yakson House’s help, I’ll achieve the face shape I’ve always dreamt of! -HANA

Yakson House Makati, Philippines
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Call 8929441 for reservation
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