Why I Want a Cyberya Minigosyo

Why I Want A Cyberya Minigosyo (Photo taken from Yugatech.com)

In 2013, my dad, who opened a small internet shop, learned a lot of lessons in business in a span of a year. His small internet shop which he opened in December 2012 is going to be closed down in two weeks. And while it pains us to say goodbye to all the invested money and hardwork that was put into his ten-unit internet shop, it taught us a number of lessons. We met lots of problems with the people we hired to keep an eye on the shop while we were away, and with every bantay we sent off, we knew that finding a new bantay is a steeper mountain to climb. The location of the place, as well as the competition in the area were also some factors that led to my dad’s netshop’s downfall.

Now that he has decided to close down his first internet shop business venture, the question of what to do with the computer units remain at large. My father thought it’s best to sell the units at a lower price to be able to dispose of them and make sure that they will be of more use to someone else. I, on the other hand, thought that the units might still be of use, and proposed another suggestion.

My suggestion was inspired by the numerous piso net internet shops that I saw in Cebu during my trips there this year. They were appealing to the Cebu crowd, and probably anywhere else with people who are thrifty. I thought that that is exactly what PLDT Cyberya is trying to promote in Manila. And this is even better than having your own internet shop, because you can distribute the units in areas with high foot traffic and leave the units to roll in the return of your investment in a few months. No need to hire someone to monitor the units. It works just like a vending machine would, and that to me is pretty efficient business.

So even if we are still recovering from the loss of one business venture, I am looking forward to use what I learned from that defeat and applying it to make my next one a success. This is why I want to win a Cyberya Minigosyo.-HANA

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