1/19/2014 Farewell Dinner at The Old Spaghetti House, Robinsons Place Manila

With Kana, Saowie, and Rachel at The Old Spaghetti House, Robinsons Place Manila

Last Sunday, me and my friends decided to have dinner together at The Old Spaghetti House at Robinsons Place Manila. It was quite sad to be meeting at the most unfortunate circumstance, because the dinner was a Farewell Dinner as we send off Rachel. She’ll be leaving for work in Singapore, and God knows how long before we meet her again.

the old spaghetti house

The Old Spaghetti House, Robinsons Place Manila

It just feels so different now. Back then, all we thought about were anime and cosplay conventions, and now we’re being separated by career opportunities abroad. It’s heartbreaking, to say the least, but we’re hopeful for her, that she’ll land a great job abroad and get to save enough so that she doesn’t have to seek employment overseas in the future. Kate was also supposed to be with us, but because she has work on weekends, she wasn’t able to attend. And here I am, still stuck, thinking to myself, “Everyone’s growing up and becoming an adult, and here I am still acting like a kid.” Undecided, an emotional wreck, probably still immature.

the old spaghetti house

Eggplant Parmigiana (Php 180)

To shoo away some bad vibes, here’s a photo of my default favorite in TOSH, The Eggplant Parmigiana. It is easily the dish I’ll order every single time. The first time I tried it, I fell in love with it. <3 Unfortunately, my order that day tasted different from the usual Eggplant Parmigiana that I love. The Eggplant Parmigiana I fell in love with had that natural sweetness that keep me forking through it till it’s gone. Nevertheless, I love the dish, moreso with chili and parmesan.

the old spaghetti house

The TOSH Trio Dessert Platter (Php 265)

We shared the sinful Trio Dessert Platter, which included a Mud Pie, a Tiramisu, and the Golden Oreo Cookie. Can you guess which one’s my favorite?


the old spaghetti house

It’s the Golden Oreo Cookie!

How can you resist these fried oreos? T_T I don’t care what havoc they wreak to my diet, I just have to have them once in a while, and probably learn to make some of my own, haha! These are really good! It makes the oreo cookie so soft and chewy, and the vanilla ice cream  goes with the fried oreos perfectly!

So we tried to make this a happy encounter, even though the intent was to send off Rachel and show her how happy we are for her, even though we’ll miss her to bits. We tried to cheer her up and show her it won’t be all bad. I told her that it would look like a gem on her resume, and might land her better opportunities when she comes back to work here in the country. I also told her that she should feel lucky because a lot of people would kill to be in her shoes and finally get the opportunity to work abroad, but doesn’t have what skill or advantage she has that got her that chance.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing her again. Probably the next time we see her, it will be when we visit Singapore. It’s going to be difficult, but we’re convincing ourselves that it’s all for the best.-HANA

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