Review: Tokyo Bubble Tea, SM Megamall, Ortigas

Food Review: Tokyo Bubble Tea, SM Megamall, Ortigas

Here’s one of the places me and my friends love frequenting: Tokyo Bubble Tea at SM Megamall in Ortigas. Aside from being one of the first establishments to offer bubble tea here in the Philippines, its Japanese dishes and tasty snacks appeal to many young people.

Basket of utensils at Tokyo Bubble Tea, SM Megamall

Unlike other tea shops, Tokyo Bubble Tea is more than just a fancy tea place: it’s a Japanese restaurant. I loved that they offered so many Japanese dishes, that even if you’re not interested to have a taste of their bubble tea, there really is no reason to not try and visit Tokyo Bubble Tea.

tokyo bubble tea megamall

Tofu Steak (Php 110)

The Tofu Steak was so flavorful! It was quite difficult to enjoy with chopsticks, though. The outer crust was thin, but the core was very soft, which crumbled when picked up with a pair of chopsticks. For the price, it’s something two to three people can share.

We weren’t really hungry, so we ordered a couple more sashimi dishes to enjoy.

Salmon Sashimi (Php 170)

Tuna Sashimi (Php 160)

Even at almost closing time, the sashimi dishes were served fresh. Shredded carrots were included as sides, as well as a small serving of Japanese soy sauce and wasabi. Upon checking out their menu, I found that the had more than two kinds of sashimi, like the Ebi sashimi and Tamago sashimi. I’m looking forward to try it out!

As for their drinks, they’re usually served in a tall, slender glass, and the price range is from Php 55-95. Comparing it to other milk tea places, I’d say that the drinks here are cheaper! And they’re wonderful thirst quenchers, too!

Will definitely be coming back to try out more of sushi and salads! I’m actually keen to try out their omurice, just because. -HANA

3 comments to Review: Tokyo Bubble Tea, SM Megamall, Ortigas

  • Lem  says:

    I think I’m traumatized eating sashimi. My husband’s friend let me eat a sashimi. It tasted awful and I puked. I’ll never be eating sashimi again.

    • dollhana  says:

      Yup, other people are not used to the taste of raw food, especially something this raw and unprocessed. I bet you love the sushis better? :)

  • Remy Rose  says:

    How was the tea? Was it really good? ^^

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