Review: Degustation of Asian Flavors at Silom Thai Restaurant, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

paranaque thai restaurant

Review: Silom Thai Restaurant, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

Last weekend, a group of bloggers organized by Jeoff Solas of went on an unbelievable food crawl at SM City Bicutan, Paranaque. With six restaurants on our day’s itinerary, the first on our list was the Thai Restaurant, Silom Thai.

Silom Thai sm bicutan

Silom Thai Restaurant, SM City Bicutan, Paranaque

Taking after the name of a popular road in Thailand, Silom Thai is the fifth Thai restaurant owned by a group of five friends, the same team  which brought us Tamarind at SM Aura and Jatujak Thai Restaurant at SM Mall of Asia .  Ranked 15th out of the 173 restaurants in Paranaque listed on Trip Advisor, it was a surprise to find a high end restaurant catering to the class A market in SM City Bicutan. It has been serving the South crowd since June 2013. Thanks to the strategic location of Silom Thai Restaurant in Paranaque, many foodies from the South need not anymore travel to SM Mall of Asia to enjoy their favorite Thai dishes.

Ambiance: Despite the limited space, Silom Thai has that authentic Thai atmosphere, from the displays adorning the walls, right down to the circular basket of table napkins. All of their fixtures and decors you’ll see in the restaurant were imported straight from Thailand.

paranaque thai restaurant

Lemon Grass Tea (Regular – Php 55, Bottomless Php 75)

Food: According to Mr. Kenneth Ocampo, one of the co-owners of Silom Thai, they wanted to offer something new to the market by providing an authentic Thai experience with the help of a Thai chef from the province. The people from the Thai provinces enjoy a more authentic Thai Street food experience than those in the city. Their dishes and recipes’ flavors have been adjusted to appeal to the Filipino foodie. They aim to provide an authentic Thai experience at affordable prices.

Many of their ingredients, including the curry paste, chili powder, and the Thai ginger called “Galangal” are all imported from Thailand. They also take pride in serving their meals fresh, as they have certainly no pre-cooked meals or dishes.

silom thai menu

Fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls (Poh Pia Sod) at Php 130

For appetizers, we had Fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls called Poh Pia Sod, served with a sweet and slightly spicy chili sauce with crushed nuts on top. Instead of using the usual lumpia or spring roll wrapper, they made use of a very thin, transluscent wrap which allowed you to taste more of the vegetables in the spring roll than the wrapper itself. I drizzled the sweet chili sauce on my spring roll generously, and finished it in a heartbeat. The Vegetarian Spring Rolls are bite-sized, so it’s enjoyable and not very messy to eat.

Chicken with Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Gai) at Php 190

The bowl of Chicken with Coconut Soup priced at Php 190 can serve about four to five people. I found the soup tasty and creamy, a welcome treat to help warm your stomach while waiting for the main course.

thai restaurant sm bicutan

Pla-pla with Chili Garlic Sauce (Php 290)

Probably my favorite among all the dishes that were served that day, the Pla-pla with Chil Garlic Sauce appealed to my like no other. First, the elaborate presentation, complete with the tomato shaped into a flower and the happy mix of reds and greens lured me into it. Second, it has already been sliced into strips and then fried into crispy perfection, which makes it easy to eat. This means I don’t have to labor trying to remove the fish meat from the bones. Lastly, the chili garlic sauce provided a great combination of salty and spicy, which complemented the crispy pla-pla meat.

For the rice, we were served two variants: The Bagoong Rice (Klao Kluk Gapi) and the Fried Rice Mix (Kao Pad Ruamit), both house specials of Silom Thai.

silom thai menu

Bagoong Rice (Klao Kluk Gapi) at Php 170

silom thai menu

Fried Rice Mix (Kao Pad Ruamit) at Php 175

An order of any of these can serve three to four people (and maybe only two of both are extremely hungry and heavy rice eaters). Among the two which are both filling and satisfying on its own, I’m torn between choosing the Fried Rice Mix and the Bagoong Rice. The Bagoong Rice will appeal to bagoong lovers and salty eaters. It features thin strips of green mango on the side, as well as bits and pieces of  sweet pork. As for the Fried Rice Mix, it’s garlic overload and would definitely appeal to garlic lovers and kids alike. The Fried Rice Mix has pieces of chicken all over.

sm bicutan thai restaurant

Crispy Pata in Red Curry Sauce (Php 568)

silo thai restaurant

Vegetable and Tofu Curry (Kaeng Ped Tahu Pak Ruam) at Php 180

As with all things Thai, curry provides an interesting mix of oriental spices which results into one great, flavorful dish. Silom Thai’s Crispy Pata in Red Curry Sauce is my second favorite dish that night. The pork’s skin was cooked to crisp, and swam in a spicy soup. On the other hand, if you’re going for a healthier choice of curry, the Vegetable and Tofu Curry does the trick. It’s Silom Thai’s Green Curry dish with a mix of carrots, eggplants, sweet corn, tomato, squash, and big dices of tofu.

silom thai paranaque

Dessert – Sticky Rice or Kao Niew Mamuang (Php 115)

For desserts, they served my favorite: Sticky Rice with Mango drizzled with sweet syrup. Even the syrup was created by Silom Thai, which makes it a house special. This dish is akin to our local Suman and Mangga. I tried forking through the sticky rice, but it was so sticky that I needed to knife my way through, with much effort.

silom thai menu bicutan

Water Chestnuts in Ice Coconut Milk (Php 90)

The Water Chestnuts in Ice Coconut Milk is something I’d recommend to people who are not fond of sweet desserts. As for me, I found it bland, characteristic of Thai desserts, and would have wished for it to be a little sweeter. It’s also my first time to try water chestnuts, but it didn’t taste like anything I’ve tried before.

For the drinks, I loved the Lemon Grass Tea, despite my aversion for anything with “grass”, except Pandan. It didn’t have an overpowering taste, and was a great drink to match the tasty and flavorful dishes we had that night.

paranaque thai restaurant

Our group enjoying a memorable Thai experience at Silom Thai Restaurant in SM City Bicutan, Paranaque City

Price Range: Php 300-500 / head

Verdict: 5/5

The serving sizes are big and for sharing, so you’re getting your money’s worth. All the dishes (save for the Water Chestnuts) oozed with flavor, and none overshadowed the others. I would definitely recommend Silom Thai Restaurant to all the Thai food fans from the South, or those who won’t mind taking a 15-minute ride to SM City Bicutan from Ayala cor. EDSA.-HANA

Silom Thai Restaurant
Taste of Authentic Thai Cuisine
UGF 126(B), SM City Bicutan, Dona Soledad Ave, Brgy. Don Bosco, Bicutan
Paranaque City
Open from Monday to Sunday, 10 AM – 9 PM
Call (02) 804 2136 for Inquiries and Reservations

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