Review: Last Session at Yakson House Makati: Before and After Pictures

yakson house makati massage

With Yakson House Makati President Ms. Kim Yu Min

Here’s my final Yakson House Makati review as I finally completed my ten sessions with them last Friday. Week after week of going to Makati to avail of the Face Reduction Treatment, I now get to share with you the results of Yakson House Makati’s work, and prove with my results that Golki massage does help in improving one’s face shape. At first, I was just hopeful. Now, I’m a true believer.

yakson house makati

Having my “After” photo taken by Ms Kim


yakson house makati

Post-session: Snapped a photo outside their comfort room before my last consultation

yakson house makati

10 sessions of Face Reduction therapy done! Thank you, Yakson House Makati!


yakson house makati

Final consultation with Yakson House Makati’s owner, Ms. Kim

After my last session, I sat down with Ms. Kim and we discussed the results of the 10-session treatment. For reference, she brought out my file, and she asked me to compare the photos taken on my first session with the photos taken on my last session. Here are the photos:

yakson house face reduction

Yakson House Face Reduction Care: Before (Top Row) and After (Bottom Row) Photos

Sorry for looking so thin in the photo! But if you focus on the changes on ymface shape, you’ll see that it’s now less round. The jaw line has a more V-shape to it than before. My forehead is less round, too! And my nose became smaller, me thinks. My neck looks longer as well. Also, I’m happy with the improvements of my skin! I get less pimples now, and the weekly massage plays a big part in improving the blood circulation to my face.

yakson house makati

Comparing my Before (Right) and After (Left) “Masks” or Gypsum Face Molds

They also brought out my before and after face molds made of gypsum so that I can point out some more face shape differences that are not obvious in the photos. Do you think my current face was smaller than my face before I started the Face Reduction Care with Yakson House?  Let me know by leaving a comment~!

It’s awesome to finally see what the Golki massage can do to improve my face shape. I feel less insecure about it now. Imagine what completing the twenty sessions can do for my face shape!

If you’re looking to get a massage, why get one for pure relaxation only? Wouldn’t it be so much better to avail a massage that not only helps in getting you relaxed and pampered, but also in helping you achieve that perfect face shape and structure? If you want to reduce your cheeks and achieve a smaller face, go check out Yakson House Makati’s Face Reduction Program. For those who’d like to correct the shape of their hips, or legs, Yakson House also has programs to help with addressing other bone imperfections that you might want to check out.

I’ll be posting some tips on how to achieve a beautiful face shape as shared with me by Ms Kim from Yakson House Makati. I’ll aslo be sharing with you some self massages you can do on your own to make your face smaller and improve the overall shape of your face.

Sweet parting gift to the staff of Yakson House. I’ll miss you all!

Again, I would like to express my gratitude to Yakson House for giving me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try out ten sessions of their miracle therapy for myself. To Ms Kim, the president of Yakson House Makati, and their lovely and skilled staff, Ms. Tina, Ms. Liza and Ms. Jo, you guys know how grateful I was under your special care for ten long weeks. I always looked forward to my visits to your clinic, because I always came out so much more refreshed than when I had come in. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I hope I get to visit you guys again, soon!-HANA

yakson house makati

Map to Yakson House Makati

Yakson House Makati, Philippines
G4 Perla Mansion Bldg. C. Palanca St. Legaspi Vill. Makati
Call 8929441 for reservation
Add Yakson House Makati on Facebook for more updates
Also visit Yakson House’s Website for information on their treatments


5 comments to Review: Last Session at Yakson House Makati: Before and After Pictures

  • stacy |crumpylicious  says:

    hmmm I can’t tell the difference

  • Cycy  says:

    hi there! I’m quite interested to this since I visited their site. I have a big face and fine jaw line. I just want to ask how much did you pay for 10 sessions? Thanks!

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Cycy. The price is Php 3500 per session, but they give discounts if you avail the package of 20 sessions. :) It would be best to call them because I’m not sure how much discount they’ll give.

  • Edward  says:

    You look so thin in the after photo! Im planning to undergo facial resizing too. Would you recommend to have 20 sessions? Or is 10 enough?

    • dollhana  says:

      I would recommend going for the twenty sessions so that you would be able to appreciate the changes better. However, it will really depend on Ms. Kim’s assessment. Hopefully, you will only need ten! :)

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