Review: New Five-Star Buffet! The Food Club Manila at Blue Baywalk, Pasay City

the food club macapagal EDSA

The Food Club: Your Lifestyle Buffet

Recognized as “The Most Anticipated Buffet Restaurant of 2014”, The Food Club has finally opened its doors to the public last January 24, for its soft opening. Scheduled to have their Grand Opening on the 30th of January, they’re giving more foodies a chance to try out their buffet at a hefty discount of 50% off their regular buffet rates. The question everyone’s asking now is, “Is it sulit?” (“Is it worth it?”) Allow me to walk you through the Food Club and show you what makes it different from the many other buffet restaurants we’ve tried so far.

Warning: Photo-heavy blog post.

buffet macapagal edsa

Reception Area

the food club macapagal EDSA

The Food Club, Blue Baywalk, Macapagal cor EDSA, Pasay City


Upon entering The Food Club, you will be greeted by friendly receptionists at the reception area, where you can confirm your previous reservation, or let the receptionists know that you are a walk-in customer, and the number of seats you’d like reserved. Comfy couches are made available for guests waiting to be seated.

buffet review edsa moa baywalk

buffet review edsa moa baywalk

buffet review edsa moa baywalk

From surveying the dining area, you’ll see that the buffet restaurant can probably seat 200-300 guests, or maybe even more. Everything about the ambiance, from the chairs, to the fixtures, makes you feel as if you were in a hotel buffet restaurant.

At the end of the hall farthest to the buffet area are these round tables for a small group of four diners. I loved the tall, lush purple couches and the inspiring lighting fixtures above the tables. Normally, people don’t really want to be seated too far from the buffet area because it makes it difficult to go back and forth for seconds and thirds. But with these posh setup, makes you think it’s not so bad after all. Plus, you get a little privacy away from the busy diners walking around the buffet area.

buffet review edsa moa baywalk

Even The Food Club’s comfort rooms won’t disappoint. It looks like a space straight out of a hotel. Plus, it’s well-maintained, and has a number of soap dispensers available, which comes in handy for when you decide to eat seafood with your hands.


buffet review edsa moa baywalk

The buffet offerings, in the simplest way I can describe it, is divided into two: Asian and Western. You yourself would be able to see  that the buffet area is divided into two, with the Asian buffet on the left side, and the Western on the right. There are two stand-alone buffet areas for the Japanese/Fresh Greens and Seafood and the Desserts Bar.

food club buffet review

Jellyfish and Pork Knuckles

food club buffet review

Pork Ear

food club buffet review

Chinese Buffet at The Food Club Manila


food club buffet review

Tempura and other fried Japanese dishes

food club buffet review

Fried Japanese dishes

food club buffet review

Fried Japanese dishes

food club buffet review

Seafood Bar

food club buffet review

Sushi on a giant wooden boat display

food club manila macapagal menu

A closer look at the sushi! ♥

food club manila macapagal menu

The Food Club Manila’s Salad Bar

food club manila macapagal menu

food club manila macapagal menu

A variety of breads, jams, and spreads

food club manila macapagal menu

Italian: Six different kids of pasta for the picky noodle eater

food club manila macapagal menu

Desserts section featuring a White Chocolate Fondue

food club manila macapagal menu

Stick-os, cookies, and other sweet snack items to go with the fondue

food club manila macapagal menu

The various desserts available at The Food Club Manila’s Desserts Section

food club manila macapagal menu

Beverage section

food club manila macapagal menu

Dilmah Tea

At the farthest end of the buffet, five juice dispensers, a coffee machine, and a box of Dilmah tea with a number of flavors are made available to the guests. The Beverage Section has two servers stationed nearby to assist diners with their choice of drinks.

Buffet restaurants such as The Food Club Manila are not only exclusively enjoyed by those with big appetites, or those that refuse to drop even after their nth plate. Like me, for example. I don’t do well in buffets because, as much as I would love to eat all of them, my stomach is not an infinite space. This is where your good judgment and critical decision making are required. Among the hundreds of dishes served in front of you, which would you prioritize to eat?

Here’s what I went for:

buffet review edsa

First plate: Tempura and other fried Japanese dishes. I loved their Tempura sauce, which goes well with everything!

buffet review edsa

Second plate: Assorted sushi and salmon sashimi, and two rinds of lemon

buffet review edsa

Third plate: Crabs, Prawns, and Lobsters cooked in Garlic Butter, and two Baked Oysters

buffet review edsa

Fourth: Hakao

buffet review edsa

Fifth Plate: Dessert Time!

I guess my battle plan that night was to go for the ones I don’t normally get to enjoy because of the price. Go for quality over quantity, so I went for the expensive seafood like oysters and lobsters, as well as the hakao which costs Php70-80 for three pieces in Binondo.

buffet review edsa

Kids also get to enjoy the buffet at The Food Cub Manila with the Kid’s Menu

One of the things I personally liked about The Food Club Manila is their personalized service. During my visit, I’ve seen chefs come out of the kitchen and reach out to guests, personally asking them how the food is and how they can help make the experience a memorable one. It’s the first time I’ve seen it in a buffet, since usually, chefs are restricted to the kitchen.

buffet review edsa

With blogger friends at The Food Club Manila

buffet review edsa

The Food Club Manila’s Buffet Price:

Mondays – Thursdays:
*Lunch – P800.00 + 5% service charge (Total of P840/head)
*Dinner – P1,000.00 + 5% service charge (Total of P1050/head)
*Kids above 3.5 ft. – P580.00 + 5% service charge (Total of P609/head)
**Kids 3.5 ft. and below – FREE

Fridays – Sundays:
*Lunch / Dinner – P1,188.00 + 5% service charge (Total of P1247.40/head)
*Kids above 3.5 ft. – P600.00 + 5% service charge (Total of P630/head)
**Kids 3.5 ft. and below – FREE

Lunch: 12 PM- 2:30 PM
Dinner: 6 PM – 10:30 PM

So far, it’s only their soft opening, and there’s much to look forward to from The Food Club Manila. I’m still expecting that they have more dishes to offer. They have yet to make wi-fi connection and power outlets available to the guests, but it’s totally understandable at this point why they haven’t yet. The attendants and staff are very friendly and approachable as well.

Other than that, the only issue I’ve had was with their published rates. We already brought up our concern of the 5% service charge not included in the published rates, which might be confusing and problematic to the guests who’d only expect to pay Php 800 or Php 1000 per head if they failed to compute for the 5% service charge prior to the visit. A bit misleading, even if it’s already stated. I took the liberty of computing and mentioning the all-in buffet rates, inclusive of service charge, above, enclosed in parentheses.

Overall, I liked The Food Club Manila, and I can definitely imagine it becoming one of the destination buffets in the area. The Food Club goes beyond dining. It embodies a lifestyle.

Finally, The Food Club Manila has an ongoing promo of 50% off their usual buffet rates until their Grand Opening on January 30. But from January 27-29, The Food Club will only be open for dinner, and will resume their lunch buffet on the 30th.

The Food Club Manila
Unit E Bluebaywalk, President Diosdado Macapagal corner EDSA
Pasay City, Philippines
Open from 10:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Call (02) 736 8001 for Reservations or Inquiries
Visit or LIKE The Food Club Manila on Facebook for updates on their Promos

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  • Lynwil  says:

    The place is nice but the food was worst especially the seafoods. Just came from this fancy restaurant with my family and friends and terrible thing happened to me…FOOD Poisoning!!!! My sister ate a rotten lobster too. Food is not delightful at all !!!! It’s not worth of your money. Sad to say but this is the reality.. I was really disappointed.

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Lynwil! Sorry to hear you suffered from food poisoning :( I hope you’re feeling better now, and that the management did something about your complaint so that no one else will suffer from the same bad experience you had.

  • Lina  says:

    The place is classy, but the food…MY GOD!!! its not worth P1000 per head..with a very limited menu..and not all are freshly cooked.!! some were not in good taste. And the desserts..they seemed to be toasted cakes,cup cakes,puto,etc..etc. Honestly, I could not recommend your place to my friends coz it is not worth the price..I dont want them to be DECIEVED.

    • Sheryl Basa  says:

      I reserved for 4 adults when we went there the reception staff said we dont have any reservation…. Cool! Food limited cold steak like rubber band

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