Review: Celeteque Dermoscience Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm with SPF 15

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Review: Celeteque Dermoscience Soothing Lip Balm with SPF 15 (Php 190)

If there’s a list of beauty products most kikay girls skip buying, lip balm would likely be found ranked high on the list. With the number of rich moisture lippies out in the market, girls tend to skip the classic lip balm for the colorful lippies instead. I admit, I’m guilty of it, too. But on days I feel like dressing down and giving my face a rest from all the suffocating chemicals that I slap on my face on a regular basis, there really is no good reason to skip on applying lip balm.

I got to try out Celeteque Dermoscience’s Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm. For the price of Php 190, I’d say a pot of 8g would last you three to six months, depending on how much you use. Here’s a quick run down on what I love and didn’t love about Celeteque Dermoscience’s Soothing Lip Balm:

celeteque lip balm review

Celeteque Dermoscience Skin Care Soothing Lip Balm with SPF 15 and UVA/UVB Filters


  • Packaging: Instead of the lippie-type packaging like Chapstick’s, Celeteque’s Soothing Lip Balm comes in a pot. This packaging is something men would not be embarrassed to pull out of their bags for that quick moisture fix.
  • SPF 15 Sunscreen Protection for the Lips. It not only protects the lips from drying and chapping, but also from the harmful UVA/UVB rays too!
  • Contains Mulberry extract. Perfect for those with darkened lips because mulberry extract can help lighten your puckers.
  • I love the smell. I can’t really pinpoint what smell it is, but I find it addicting. I even find myself applying the lip balm every thirty mins. There’s also a slight cooling sensation seconds after you apply it on your lips. It’s not a strong menthol feel.
  • Lastly, it’s hypoallergenic. Perfect for everyone.

Celeteque Dermoscience Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm’s Pot Packaging: Both a Pro and Con


  • The pot packaging requires you to apply the lip balm with your fingers, so you have to make sure your hands are clean before putting your finger(s) in the pot. Also, you have to make sure to try and disinfect every once in a while to prevent bacterial growth in the pot.
celeteque lip balm review

Celeteque Dermoscience Soothing Lip Balm with SPF 15

Girls, even though you have your HG lippies, it’s still important to have a pot of lip balm available in your kikay kit. Also, I personally like putting on lip balm or lip moisturizer prior to lipstick application, to make the application smoother and nicer. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips once in a while, too! Even though you’re applying lip balm, you can’t make dead skin on your lips just magically go away with that.

Moisturized lips, thanks to Celeteque’s Soothing Lip Balm!

Will I repurchase? Yes. I love this lipbalm and I like it better than Chapstick.

Price: Php 190

Who will I recommend this product to? Everyone! Whatever gender or age, I’m quite positive you’ll like this product.

How about you? What lip moisturizer are you using? Share it with me by replying below!-HANA

Visit Celeteque’s Website for more details on Celeteque Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm and other Celeteque Products!

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