Review: Basic Brow Grooming c/o BrowHaus, Serendra

Browhaus, Serendra

My best friend Justine and I decided to try out having our eyebrows groomed. We’ve never had brow grooming done professionally before, so we didn’t really know what to expect. We decided to try out Browhaus’ Serendra Branch. Not to mention, I was so excited to show here around The Fort.

Booking an appointment was easy. I called them earlier that day to book an appointment at 4 PM, and later at around 3 in the afternoon to book for Justine. They couldn’t attend to us at the same time because they’re booked at 4 PM, which was okay. It seems a lot of people are looking forward to getting their brows fixed.

We waited for a couple of minutes before Justine was called inside by her attendant. I had time to look around and read their Feedback Wall, comprised of reviews by beauty and lifestyle bloggers, as well as various features.

Cute little post box!

Inside (which I don’t have any more photos of, unfortunately), I was ushered to a big black leather chair. I took my seat and got comfortable, until my eyebrows were assessed by BrowHaus’ expert brow technicians. I didn’t really understand her recommendation, but I just wanted my pair of brows groomed and threaded. In no time, the black chair was reclined, and she was working her magic on my untamed eyebrows.

It hurt a little bit, but comparing to the pain of facials and waxing? This is a walk in the park! And a walk in the park I’d love to make as a monthly ritual. They did my eyebrows really good. It also doesn’t hurt that my attendant made me comfortable with small talk.

Browhaus Classic Threading : Before and After

Browhaus Classic Threading : Before and After

The Classic Threading costs Php 580, and it’s recommended to have your eyebrows groomed every three weeks, or every month at most. Mom says she can’t appreciate the difference in my brows since my brows are thin to start with. But when I filled my eyebrows for the Radiant Orchid NYE Celebration look I did, the grooming made filling my brows effortless.

Oh, don’t forget that you can’t wash your brow area up to five hours after the threading, to prevent irritation. My attendant forgot to tell me that. It’s a good thing Justine was duly reminded, so I found out from her.

Will I have my eyebrows groomed again at BrowHaus? Yes, definitely. I love that they’re trained by experts from Singapore, like their waxpert counterparts from Strip: Ministry of Waxing.

Check out more of the services Browhaus offers at the Browhaus’ Website.

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