Review: Another Eazy Fashion Haul: Disappointed This Time

My Shopping Cart on Eazy Fashion’s Website

You guys know how much I love online shopping over at Eazy Fashion’s website, right? I love that there are so many cute items to choose from, and shopping is so easy. They even offer a number of payment modes, so it’s really easy and convenient to shop with them.

Unfortunately, I’ve been getting one too many defective items from them recently. I don’t know if they’ve been skipping on quality check prior to packing, but it really makes me disappointed to get some of my items defective.

Flawed Bunny ring

Take this ring, for example. It’s supposed to be a bunny ring with two ears. Instead the ring I received was broken and had only one ear. How am I seriously going to wear it?

Rose Pearls Headband

The second defective item from my haul had the rose detached from the headband. The rose was supposed to be glued tightly in the middle of the headband, but I received it detached.

This was also the case with my last shopping experience with them. I received a kitty headband with one pearl missing. It was supposed to be a gift, and while I wanted to send it back for them to replace, I didn’t have enough time, so I found a replacement pearl and glued it myself.

Luckily, when I ordered the same item, in silver this time, all the pearls were in place.

Kitty Headband

I got a black bow ring which was really cute <3

Also bought this cat ring as a gift to my friend, Saowie


This dome hat was packed clumsily, so initially, it wasn’t in its original shape. It’s easy enough to fluff and fix. Love the hat! :)

This is a gentle warning to those who’re planning to shop from Eazy Fashion. Make sure to have them check the quality of your items before they pack it, and let them know immediately if you received a defective item. It’s just a little disappointing because after my last haul with the flawed kitty headband, I was so positive that they won’t be sending defective items my way again. :(

15 comments to Review: Another Eazy Fashion Haul: Disappointed This Time

  • Roch  says:

    Have you sent them an email to inform regarding the item defects? Hope they resolve the issue soon.

    • dollhana  says:

      I have. I sent them an e-mail regarding the first defect, hoping na they’d check the items properly before they ship it. I sent them another after receiving this :(

  • Sumi Go | The Purple Doll  says:

    Either they sent the items defective or they must’ve been broken when they were shipped? Anyhow, my sis buys from Eazy Fashion. Will ask her nga if she received defective items na rin before. But just like what Roch said, better email Eazy Fashion to report about the defects. They might just offer replacements or a refund. :)

    • dollhana  says:

      Thanks Sumi. I emailed them na din. I would have let it pass if it was the first time, kaso despite my first e-mail, I still received two of my six items in bad condition. Hopefully they offer a replacement and they shoulder the cost for return shipping. :)

  • Willa @ The Smart Shopper  says:

    Baka minsan kasi the item got damaged while in transit din,eventhough they shipped it in a good condition,though I never tried that store yet looks like they have cute stuff to sell.

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Willa! The headbands and accessories were placed in a box, so medyo malabo that it got damaged during transit. :( thanks. check it out pa rin, pero be careful na lang sa pagpili ng items

  • Rhea Bue  says:

    awww..that’s so sad :( ako naman I never dared to try them out kase medyo I have a feeling of doubt with them :( sayang naman yung bunny ring mo.. ang cute pa naman nung bunny :3

    • dollhana  says:

      Yeah, sad talaga. It couldn’t have been damaged during transit kasi wala yung isang tenga nung bunny eh :(

  • Rebel Sweetheart  says:

    Aww, it’s a shame that you had to receive defective items. I haven’t shopped at Eazy Fashion for quite some time now, but my previous transactions were okay naman. Hope this doesn’t happen if and when you decide to purchase from them again.

    • dollhana  says:

      My very first transaction with them was okay din. That was two years ago, I think, when they were still on Multiply. Just disappointed kasi two hauls na may defective items, and they have not replied to any of my e-mails yet.

  • Ruth  says:

    Awwww… sorry to hear about disappointing shopping experience with Eazy Fashion. I had a collab with the shop before and the products are sent okay naman.

    It is super sad when good stores forget about customer service when sales go up :(

    • dollhana  says:

      Me too, Ruth. I had a collab with them when they were new. I agree with what you said na they neglect customer service now that they have so many customers na :(

  • Ari  says:

    Ugh, that’s one of the worst things when shopping online. Sorry to hear about your experience! I’ve been planning to get some stuff from them, so your post is helpful as now I’ll know to make sure they send me my items in good condition. x

    • dollhana  says:

      Yup! I can’t stop buying from them because their stuff are too cute! Pero sana they’d pay attention to customers who e-mail them about their defective products :< Ingat na lang :)

  • Nicole  says:

    Hello we have the same problem from them, i dont know if they check the items before shipping? naah! I feel really angry na talaga kasi nag order ako ng 2 powerbank that is Unicorn & Poop pink but unfortunately I was really disappointed kasi luma na ang powerbank na binigay nila sakin, sira2 pa ang box ng powerbank tapos ang dumi na ni unicorn, eh diba white yun? haaay! subrang nakakainis talaga kasi nag order ako para igift ko sa niece para sa birthday nya pero haaay, subrang talaga din nilang mag response sa email ko. i dont know what to do talaga. sabi ko nga balik nlg nila money ko at kunin nila ang items nila sakin kesa naman mag hintay pa ako ng ilang weeks, bili nlg ako ng bago. :( so ito hanggang ngaun still waiting parin ako sa response nila kahit napipikon na ako. :(((((

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