Day 362 of 364: Debut Coordinating With Team Family

In the middle of coordinating a debut with Mom

Having a debut is fun and all, especially when you’re the debutante, but when you’re the group on the coordinating end, expect to lose sleep and sanity until it’s over. My mom has been pouring work on her friend’s daughter’s debut for months now, coordinating everything from the hotel, program, everything. And as support, we came as part of the team. Dressed the part, of course.

At the Ballroom of Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati

The Floor Plan

How many jelly beans are there?

How many kisses are there?

Registration table and guest list

It was an extravagant debut which expected 330 guests and a five-hour program. I was even told that the venue cost as much as Php 700K! I remember when I was eighteen, I never wanted to have a debut. Instead, I wanted the budget to be allocated for buying a Canon 450D. which is my SLR up to this day. My parents still insisted to have a small party with the gowns and the short program, though. I guess debuts nowadays are more for the parents than for the kids.

Me and my cousin, James

James and I were assigned at the registration table with very specific tasks: I was to find the names of the guests on the guest list, inform them of their table number, suggest that they sign the guestbook, and offer that they participate in the mini-games (the jellybean and kisses guessing game). James, on the other hand, was assigned to take care of the guests’ gifts for the debutante. Taking the gifts and setting them aside, numbering them, and writing down on the guest list what gift number was assigned to each guest’s gift. My mom and my older cousin goes around the venue coordinating the whole program to ensure a smooth transition from one activity to the next.


We didn’t really expect to eat dinner, but when it was served, James and I ate heartily. Mom and my older cousin didn’t get to eat dinner until the end of the event, so being assigned at the registration table was kind of lucky for us. Not to mention, I was really feeling sick already, with my throat burning, as if I’m about to go down with a bad flu.

Mom taking a break to have her photo taken

Post-event photo: Huzzah!

I was so relieved it was over, that when mom requested for a group photo of the four of us, even with aching bones and a heavy head from the flu that was about to keep me down for the next four days, I happily obliged. Don’t we all look so glammed up for the event?

I know that whatever my mom says about how toxic handling and coordinating an event is, it’s just her thing. She does it best and deep inside, I know she’s enjoying the brainstorming and the creative work that is put into events. She’s been doing this professionally for the longest time in one of the companies she used to work with, and now, she gets to share her expertise to others. So if any of you guys need a hand coordinating a birthday party, debut, wedding, or corporate events, send me a message at and I’ll refer you to my mom. :)

As for me, as much as I love helping my mom, my best friend days after the event was:


Bioflu and lots of tissues and water. Still down with the flu for five days now.Hopefully fully recovered in a day or two.

Thanks for reading!-HANA

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