New Year’s Eve Celebration with my Family

Happy New Year~! ♥

My favorite part of the Christmas Holidays will always be the New Year’s Eve celebration, signaling the end of the holiday season and another 365 (or sometimes, 366) days around the Sun. Well, that’s a technical way to look at it. But I always take it as an opportunity to reflect on all the things I’ve done and learned, and how much closer I am to my goals when I started the year.

Our humble Media Noche. Carbs for the New Year!

We love ube. My tita makes a lot during this time of the year

Every year, we have our exchange gift, on top of the gifts we give each other. It’s always a challenge to keep it a secret to the baby of the family who picked who, as she always takes it upon herself to reveal this to everyone. Here’s what we got during our exchange gift.

I got this pair of Mustard-colored flats from baby KC

My baby is Anne and I gave her huge bottles of shampoo and lotion and a cologne. Anne, Y U NO LOOK HAPPY?


James picked Mama and gave her a nice set of towels

Mama picked KC. As you can see, KC can’t wait to open her gift.

KC got a nice pair of black boots! Super kikay


Tita and Papa picked each other. Papa got a shirt from Tita. I’m loving the caption. :D

And because I missed a lot of NYE celebrations with the family because of my previous work in the hospital, I decided to make this year more fun. We all made a conscious effort to wear purple outfits and take a family photo, a tradition we hope we can continue from this year onward.

Happy New Year, from my crazy beautiful family to yours!

To the readers of my blog, thank you for spending the year with me, following my exploits and adventures. I hope that this year will be more awesome for all of us! To everything we ever wanted out of 2014, Cheers! -HANA

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