Lessons on Love

This is probably my favorite scene from The Vampire Diaries, where Elena first met Damon and asks him what he thinks she wants. To which Damon answers, “You want what everyone wants. You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger.” And I realized, he was right.

I think that this past year of my life taught me so much about love and debunked everything I’ve come to believe about it. I’ve always found unconditional love fascinating and real, and something I aspire to give to the right person. I found out how wrong this was.

As humans, what makes us special is that we are capable to feel. And we love love. No matter how fucked up your lives have been because you’ve loved too fast, too much, there is no one on this planet that would want to be unloved. And for those who love truly and give everything when they love, we tend to fall into the same trap of giving until we bleed. Of sheltering the person we love from the hurt, from pain, by accepting all the wrong things in the relationship instead of working on correcting them. We love the person so much that we can overlook any shit our partner throws our way. And the trap that we almost always fail to recognize is that we think this is love. It isn’t.

It’s a cruel kind of self-indulgence we enjoy getting ourselves into, thinking “Oh, how I love this person so much, I’m willing to forget all the wrong he’s done.” But in fact, it’s cruel to make our partners go on with their lives thinking that the world is as kind as us. It is wrong to give them the false notion that people actually turn the other cheek to be struck. They have to understand that, while our love can do so much as to forgive them, wrong will always be wrong, and that lessons must be learned to prevent another wrong in the future.

When we shelter them with our love, we protect them from the things they need to learn. Sometimes, you really have to be cruel in order to be kind.

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  • stacy |traveltripster.com  says:

    Agree! Been there done that haha. Dapat positive on both sides. =D

  • Mason  says:


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