Ichiraku Ramen Fossils First Meetup for 2014

Wow. I still can’t believe I met most of these people through an online forum nine years ago. What’s awesome is even if the forum’s gone, the community is still there. And even if some of us have outgrown our love for anime and manga, which was what brought us all together in the first place, we’re all still friends.

I joined an online forum in 2005 called “Ichiraku Ramen”, which you might recognize from Naruto. It was an online community for anime fans, mostly comprised of Filipinos. There, I met my first cosplay buddies, the people which will accompany me in most of my cosplaying years. I also lent a hand with recruiting new members, even taking the time to message Friendster users with anime as their interest in their profiles.

Justine, my best friend, and me

It was also there where I met my first boyfriend, and where my best friend met hers as well, who would end up to be her husband. It’s a really small, intimate community of friends, and we try to make time every year to meet and catch up, even though we’re not as hung up with anime as we were before. I still occasionally watch some series, but not as rabid as I was back then.

We still look and feel like our age when we first met :))

The forums slowly lost its users when Facebook happened. Facebook made discussing and communicating more convenient than ever. I still kinda miss the old forums, though, where all the discussions are categorized and organized properly.

With Eden and Saowie

With Eden~

My kitty headband for the headgear game

I’m really happy I have these people in my life. They make me feel like I’m still 15 years old every time we’re all together. More fun times to come!-HANA

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