Review: My 2nd-4th Facial Massage Session at Yakson House, Makati Philippines

Yakson House Makati Celebrates Its 4th Year Anniversary!

Hey everyone! I know you guys have been waiting for more of my review on Yakson House Makati’s Facial Massage clinic. Just last November 15, 2013, Yakson House Makati celebrated its 4th year here in the Philippines! And another good news is that, according to Ms. Kim, they were recently featured by Jessica Soho on GMA7. Congratulations, Yakson House Makati for the wonderful feature! Watch Yakson House Makati’s Jessica Soho feature below (Yakson House feature starts at 4:25):


I’m sure a lot of you guys still have questions about the massage, even after watching the feature. I did have my doubts too, so I looked around online for any clients who’ve posted a testimonial or a feedback on Yakson House Makati’s services. I found these:

Girltaker Absolute Carla writes about her Yakson House Makati experience

Wow! Here’s a testimonial that just by massaging the bones of the face, it can really alter the face shape and improve overall aesthetics of the face.

In the photo above, you can see my face shape during my first session at Yakson House. It’s as round as a ball. Haha. I’m hoping that after the ten sessions, my face will be closer to the V-shaped face I’ve always aspired.

Inside the Yakson House Massage / Treatment Room

Truth be told, the massage has increasingly become painful compared to my first session. Sometimes, I think my eyes would tear up from the pressure, but its nothing unbearable. It is pretty uncomfortable at times, but we Filipinas call it tiis-ganda. It’s not just the face that is being massaged, but Ms. Kim massages the whole head including the base of the skull and the nape. And I’m looking forward to the results.

Other than that, I think that there are some factors that might affect the rate at which I achieve my desired face shape. Since I’m a self-confessed foodie and I eat a lot, dieting is out of the question. I also smile very wide, without regard to how it can affect my overall face shape. Lastly, I have very sensitive acne-prone skin, so sometimes, I feel that Ms. Kim and Ms. Lisa who cleans and massage my face have a hard time really hitting the parts of my face that needs improvement because of my pimples. They can’t really touch or squeeze that area, unless they want to irritate the pimples.

Still, I’m hopeful that these ten sessions can make my face smaller and more V-shaped. Every session is so relaxing, a bit painful, but brings me one step closer to the face shape that I’ve always wanted. Will be posting my next review after the seventh session! Watch out for it!-HANA

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