Revisited: Wingman, The Collective, Makati

Wingman, The Collective, Makati

On the day my boyfriend made his way back to Cebu (to leave me again, boo-hoo ), I decided that I’ll bring him to Wingman at The Collective to have a taste at some of their really good-tasting wings. We ordered a dozen of wings split into two flavors, two cups of Wingman’s signature rice, A Cowboy Burger and Potato Wedges.

Honey Garlic and Hickory Barbecue (Php 200 for six pieces and Php 350 for a dozen)

Wingman’s Signature Rice (Php 30)

Wingman’s Cowboy Burger and Potato Wedges for sides

I don’t really know how we managed to eat all of these. Normally, when I go to the airport either to a) leave my boyfriend to go back home or b) send my boyfriend away so that he can go back home, I feel nauseous right to my stomach and I lose my appetite. But yes we did, we managed to down all these and even take home half a dozen more wings for my dad to try. My dad loves chicken wings and I hope I can bring him here with mom some other time.

I loved Wingman’s signature rice! I finished one whole cup of rice and didn’t really intend to. I also liked that their choice of drinks, either iced tea or lemonade is offered bottomless. They have sodas and imported beer too, but we decided to skip on the beer since the sun is still up so high. But wings are definitely best downed with beer!

Comparing Wingman’s wings with the ones we had at TGI Fridays, Wingman’s was a lot more affordable at Php 350 per dozen and Php 200 for half a dozen. I can’t really compare the flavor since the ones we had here at Wingman’s were not the original buffalo recipe, unlike the one we ordered at Friday’s. However, I liked Friday’s bleu cheese dip better because it was more bitter and sour at the same time. Wingman’s tasted more like sour cream dip, which Art liked better. It was also a great dip for the wings, but I just happened to like the Friday’s bleu cheese dip better because it made me appreciate bleu cheese, which I used to hate.

Potato Wedges (Php 170)

I loved Wingman’s Honey Garlic and Hickory Barbecue wings. Both were sweet and appealing to my taste. The potato wedges weren’t bad either. Served with Wingman’s homemade thousand island dipping sauce, the Potato wedges were not oily and they were sliced thick. It makes a great side dish to the Cowboy Burger that we ordered.

What I’ve always loved about Wingman was the numerous wing flavor choices they offer. There’s always a wing flavor for everyone. I’m sure I’ll be coming back to try their other wings! How about you? What’s you Wingman favorite? -HANA

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