VMoney: The Future of Cashless Transactions + Prepaid Mastercard Giveaway!

VMoney: A Convenient Payment Portal for everyone

Have you ever considered walking out of your house to go to a mall or a meeting without having enough cash on you? I can’t. I won’t rest easy until my wallet’s padded with cash enough to last me the whole day, or probably enough to get me through something unexpected. I’m not a big fan of credit cards or CREDIT in general, either. I swore I’ll stay away from anything that has the word ‘Credit’ on it. But then, I discovered VMoney.

Vmoney isn’t just a prepaid Mastercard. It’s a comprehensive and convenient payment portal that aims to empower people to manage their finances better. You can use it to send and receive money from other VMoney users, as well as pay your bills with as simple as a click. With a very minimal fee, you get to bypass the hassle of having to go to a Bayad Center yourself to pay your due bills. I think that the best part is it’s paid and credited real time. This means that there is no 3-day clearing period, unlike in banks. This is very handy especially for busy people who usually remembers to pay their dues a day before cut-off. I’ve experienced my phone line being cut because my online payment did not make it before the cut-off due to the clearing period. And it sucks.

I’ve always wanted to have my own credit card without the hassle of signing up and proving my paying capacity, and now I have one! Having a Mastercard is really helpful, especially when you’re booking tickets or accommodation online, and the only mode of payment is via credit card. This is especially true for Agoda. And sometimes, when you’re shopping online and you have to pay for the item ASAP lest you want to lose it to another quick-paying shopper, a Mastercard comes in handy.

Accessing my VMoney Account through my IPhone

So for my first transaction using my VMoney Prepaid Mastercard, I paid for an additional check-in baggage fee for my boyfriend. We decided to pay for check-in baggage too a day before his flight, and hours close to midnight. The only payment modes available is via partner merchants such as Cebuana Lhuillier, 7-Eleven, and Bayad Centers, and via debit or credit card. Since it was late at night, the most convenient option for me was to pay using my VMoney prepaid Mastercard. Surprisingly, it was so easy paying AirAsia using my VMoney Mastercard!

Bought this pair with my VMoney Mastercard~

My second transaction was at the Robinsons Department Store when I was buying my baby cousin’s gift. And my latest transaction with my Vmoney Prepaid Mastercard was when I bought these pristine pair of beige wedges at the Meet My Feet Shoesale at Market! Market! last Christmas.

Load your account with these VMoney Cards

I can imagine that very soon, with affordable remittance rates, VMoney will be an indispensable tool of OFWs in managing their families’ expenses, even from across the globe. Online shops can use VMoney as well in receiving payments from their customers. It’s like a number of payment platforms rolled into one package.

No one should be left behind on this cashless innovation. Want your own VMoney Prepaid Mastercard for FREE? VMoney, in partnership with DollHana, is giving away FREE VMoney Prepaid Mastercards! This giveaway runs until the last day of December. Just leave your name and e-mail addresses below!

And don’t forget to tell your family and friends about it! ;)-HANA

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