Food Review: What To Love At Via Antonella, Maginhawa, Quezon City

Via Antonella, Maginhawa cor Makadios St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Despite my love for great food, and what I would do to discover new and exciting edible finds, I’ve just never gotten around traversing the foodie trail that is Maginhawa. I never found the right people to go with, so it never happened. I also wasn’t super obsessed with the fact that it’s located in QC, my commuting waterloo, and that I keep forgetting what the place is called (Maligaya? Masaya? Seriously, I don’t know how I came up with these names.) So when Kenny of invited some of her blogger friends over to try out the newly opened Via Antonella at the spot where the streets Maginhawa and Makadios met, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to travel to Maginhawa.

Via Antonella, Maginhawa cor Makadios, Quezon City

I really have no clue about commuting in the area, nor did I have the time to try and discover it for myself. Running late, I took a cab and luckily, the place stood out easily among the many restaurants in the area. The place looked classy and high end, and if it wasn’t an event, I’ll surely be keeping away from the place without even bothering to know the price range of their dishes.

Via Antonella, Maginhawa cor Makadios, Quezon City

The photos would speak for how classy the interiors were. I especially loved their choice of lighting fixtures, those thin, perfectly spherical bulbs that appeared to be floating above our heads. My eyes welcomed them with childlike awe, while I tried to gobble down the feast served especially for our group.

Antonella Burger (Php 195)

The Antonella Burger boasts of a quarter-pound Wagyu beef patty, house dressing, mustard, caramelized onion, and American cheese, with fries as sides. Definitely bang for your buck at Php 195. I loved the burger and could have finished this all by myself if I didn’t have to try other dishes that day. Big enough to be shared by two people for starters, or could be eaten as a meal in itself.

Cream of Shiitake and Leeks (Php 125)

Something to warm up your stomach and get you energized for more to come: Via Antonella’s Cream of Shiitake and Leeks is a good choice of soup to start your meal. While sauteed in butter and olive oil, it wasn’t oily to the taste.

Cheesy Sisig Lumpia (Php 155)

I love my cheese, and I love my sisig. Now what’s not to love about Via Antonella’s Cheesy Sisig Lumpia? It’s sisig, green chili and mozarella cheese wrapped in lumpia wrapper and fried to crispy golden brown perfection.

Crispy Adobo Wings and Chips (Php 175)

We couldn’t get our hands off these Crispy Adobo Wings and Chips. Priced at only Php 175, it’s one of the most flavorful chicken wings I’ve tasted. Not to mention, its taste is one that many Pinoys are familiar with. The wings appealed to me because of the sweet and spicy adobo glaze and the chicken that was crispy to bite. The potato wedges help neutralize the strong flavor, just in case you’re not a fan of how Filipinos love their food: extra tasty and flavorful.

Waffle Ala King (Php 175)

Waffle Ala King is part of Via Antonella’s All-Day Breakfast Offerings. At first, we didn’t think that waffles would jive well with Chicken ala king. Lo and behold, it makes for a perfect breakfast dish. It was such a novel idea we welcomed, and made me think, “Why has anyone not thought of this before??”

Pininyahang Roasted Chicken (Php 395)

The Pininyahang Roasted Chicken easily makes it to the top of my favorites. This is Via Antonella’s signature chicken dish, so there was so much to expect from it. Nevertheless, the carefully tenderized and roasted chicken, mixed in with the sweet sauce made of pineapple juice and mixed seasonings, did not disappoint. The plating also includes one slice of grilled pineapple, bell peppers, onion, and a serving of potato wedges.

At this point, most of us were getting nervous. We knew that there would be more dishes to be served, but what we don’t know is if we could stop ourselves from eating! Everything looked wonderful. I mean, with dishes like this, how can you not lust over food?

Lamb Kaldereta (Php 195)

So when Kenny insisted that we each get one full serving of their Lamb Kaldereta, with one cup of rice, we grew restless. Just from looking, we knew how tempting it is to down the whole dish. And Kenny was right to have it served with rice. The Lamb Kaldereta was so flavorful that you just have to have it with rice and some potato wedges. Not to mention, the lamb was slowly braised, making it so tender to bite. I don’t think I can ever look at Kaldereta the same way ever again. (That, or if I’d eat any Kaldereta that isn’t Lamb)

Hole in the Bone aka Osso Buco in Italian (Php 395)

The Osso Buco was hard to resist. It was basically beef shank slowly braised in beef stock, roasted tomato and mixed aromatics, served swimming in its own braising liquid. And if you thought that was mashed potato on the side, the ingenuity of the chefs behind Via Antonella decided to serve this dish with mashed kamote, along with buttered vegetables and side salad.


Baby Back Ribs (Php 395)

When they described Via Antonella’s Baby Back Ribs as “fall of the bone tender,” they weren’t kidding. And if you loved the taste of the ribs, you should know that the ribs were basted in Via Antonella’s very own mesquite smoked barbecue sauce. Just like any other ribs, it’s best served with grilled corn on the cob, some buttered vegetables, and side salad.

Chili Tuyo Spaghetti (Php 185)

We were already so full, that at this point, I doubted if I could finish one whole serving of Chili Tuyo Spaghetti. To my surprise, I was able to finish it all. The serving size wasn’t so big, so you won’t be able to share the dish. The Spaghetti reminded me of Chilimansi-flavored Pancit Canton because of the spicy and sour tastes competing with one another. The twist is that the strips of tuyo overpowers both these flavors and make it into an unforgettable pasta dish. It is also the best-seller among their six pasta dishes.


Waffle Ala Mode (Php 125)

These freshly baked waffles topped with caramelized banana-mango flambe and vanilla ice cream made us forget for a minute how full we were! What a great way to end a feast.

Chocolate Milkshake with Caramel Syrup

This drink was only recently introduced to the menu, so I failed to get the price. Via Antonella’s Chocolate Milkshake with Caramel syrup was okay. I would however, recommend that you try their Rootbeer Espresso, their one-of-a-kind drink. It’s an uncanny mix of rootbeer and espresso coffee, topped with vanilla ice cream. What makes it interesting is the mix of flavors. One moment it’s root beer, and the other, it’s coffee.

Inside Via Antonella’s busy kitchen

Chef Juancho of Via Antonella

We were glad to be given a chance to check out Via Antonella’s kitchen, as well as to talk with their resident chef, Chef Juancho. Chef Juancho explains that Via Antonella’s menu offerings and taste is defined as either a Western dish with a Filipino flavor, or a Filipino dish prepared with advanced skill.

Thank you Via Antonella!

Price Range: Php 200-400/dish, Php 200-350 per person

After all the surprises that came our way that day, I am definitely going to come back to try out all the other amazing dishes of Via Antonella. Not to mention, it makes for a perfect meeting place or a place to hang out at because of the availability of wi-fi connection and a number of power outlets for the guests’ use and convenience. There’s so much to love at Via Antonella, that I am personally having a hard time choosing just one or two dishes to order the next time I’m there. The dishes are affordable as well, considering the serving size. Via Antonella will surely be a place I’ll bring my friends to, because you don’t regularly get to enjoy top-notch five-star gourmet cuisine at such an affordable price.-HANA

Thank you to the wonderful and very accommodating staff of Via Antonella. Your exemplary service and assistance during our dining experience was appreciated. :)

Via Antonella

#189 Maginhawa cor. Makadios St., Sikatuna Village Quezon City
11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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