Review: Piandre Salon, Pontefino Hotel and Residences, Batangas City

Piandre Salon at Pontefino Residences, Batangas City

When one sees a salon inside the vicinity of a prestigious hotel and residence area, one cannot help but think that the price range of the services would be more than one is willing to shell out. This was exactly what I felt when I saw Piandre Salon at Pontefino Hotel and Residences in Batangas City. Pontefino is probably the most luxurious hotel and residence in the area, and has been home to Miss Earth candidates time and again, especially during the tour period. It was a good thing that I mustered the confidence to walk in and inquire about the rates of their services. They were very affordable, much to my delight.

Piandre Salon at Pontefino Hotel and Residence, Batangas City

Entrance to the Massage Area

Both John and I were killing time, waiting for the Miss Earth 2013 Resorts Wear Competition happening later that night. We had four hours left to do whatever, and we decided to kill time by pampering ourselves at Piandre. I availed their Pedicure, and John decided to get a haircut.

The attendant got to work immediately, removing my existing nail polish prior to leaving my feet to soak on the basin of warm water.

Foot soak

The soak and scrub took a little less than ten minutes. They weren’t very thorough with the scrub, but I’m guessing that’s because this isn’t a foot spa and pedicure service combo. Joy, my nail specialist, lathered oil on my feet, before continuing to cut and clean my toenails.

Joy, my nail technician, cutting and cleaning away

While Joy took care of my toenails, I had the difficult job of choosing which shade of nail polish I’d like on my nails. #firstworldproblems They had a lot of great shades from popular and imported brands such as OPI, Orly, and China Glaze. I loved that those were their default nail polish brands, and won’t ask you to pay an additional fee should you choose from the three.

A lot of nail polish shades to choose from

Complimentary Coffee and Cookies

They also offered a choice of complimentary hot tea, coffee, or iced tea and a plate of cookies. Sulit. And while I snacked away on the cookies they served, I got the chance to check stuff online because they have fast wi-fi connection. Not to mention, since both John and I were running low on battery from snapping photos of the Miss Earth candidates the whole day, Piandre had lots of outlets and we were able to charge our phones and power banks.

We still had too much time to kill, so we kept requesting our attendants to take their time and not rush.

Nail Dryer

And since we said we’re not in a hurry, Joy recommended that I dry my nail polish first with their nail dryer. The nail dryer had two fans cooling the nail polish to dry. My feet stayed under it for twenty minutes until we decided to leave the comforts of Piandre’s wifi spot, haha!

For my nail polish, I chose an OPI nail polish with a slightly glittery baby pink shade. It was really pretty, but did not have the effect I intended. I usually go for nail polish shades that make my feet look fairer.

The nail polish on my left big toe got marred hours after. I have no idea how the polish was ruined, but there’s a black mark on it that I don’t think I’ll be able to remove without removing the polish itself. The oil that Joy, the attendant, lathered on my feet also did not help when I walked in my slippery, new wedge heels after. I had a hard time trying to keep my feet from slipping off the shoe, but had to resort to walking slowly instead.

Overall, I liked Piandre’s service. My attendant was efficient and accommodating. The services did not burn a hole in my wallet, contrary to what I had feared. I’m definitely going to try out their other branches closer to home.

Piandre has eleven branches all over Manila, including the ones in Bonifacio Global City, Ayala, Salcedo Village, and Alabang. They have only one branch outside Metro Manila, which is the one in Pontefino Hotel and Residence, Batangas City. Their Libis Branch recently closed down as they transferred to their new home in Bonifacio Global City.-HANA

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  • Piandre Salon  says:

    Thank you for dropping by! We will take note of your concerns to improve our services. Thank you also for telling your readers that we aren’t that expensive! We really try to provide best value using high quality products and providing our best service :)

    Thanks again!

    • dollhana  says:

      Thanks as well for dropping by my blog to read my review of your salon. I’m glad you take constructive criticisms positively in order to improve your services. I really enjoyed the comforts of your salon during my stay, and I am more than happy to feature it here in my little space.

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