Random Afternoon Snack Delights

Starbucks Regular Glazed Donut and Salted Caramel Mocha

I think that in a perfect world, my afternoons would mostly be spent in coffee shops, lounging around with a good book or my iPhone. The atmosphere in coffee shops have a relaxing effect on me and I would live in a coffee shop if I can. Usually, Starbucks is a good place, but their shops don’t have wi-fi anymore. It’s probably a place you’d bring someone you want to talk with or get to know, without the hindrance of a wi-fi connection.

Seattle’s Best Brownie Javakula

I spent most of my weeks this year meeting with clients in coffee shops, ordering my second cup of coffee for the day, when I’m supposed to limit myself to only one cup. I can’t say that the experience was totally unwelcomed. I love coffee. It’s just that I can’t drink too much. I tried hanging out at Seattle’s Best once, but they only provide 1 hour of Free Wifi for every purchase. So if you’re keen on leeching off Seattle’s Best’s Wifi, you better keep ordering every hour.

TCB Unlimited Coffee and Cakes

How can you say no to coffee? More often than not, we invite someone “for coffee”, when we mean to say we want to hangout, get to know someone, or have a date. It’s like water to me. There are days when I think I have more coffee than water in my blood. But with TCB’s Unli Cake Promo, I don’t think there’s any drink better to down slices of one cake after another except for coffee.

I <3 Milktea

If it’s just a sugar craving, I go for milk tea sometimes. I found this small milk tea place along Tomas Morato, near GMA. I <3 Milk tea is a small, deserted milk tea shop that I feel a bit sad for it. They carry a lot of flavors, and has wifi and power outlets. It has the making of a perfect hangout place, but no one seems to know about it.

BonChon’s Banoffee Pie Ko-Yo

Or in the off chance that I want to savor something a bit sour, I go to BonChon and order their Banoffee Pie Ko-Yo. You know how I’m crazy about bananas and caramel. It doesn’t hurt that yogurt is a healthy snack choice.

How about you guys? Where do you usually spend your afternoons? Let me know by commenting below! -HANA

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