Haul: Eazy Fashion Fab Finds

Cat ears Headband (Php 99) and Side Chained Tassel Earrings (Php 179)

Looking for Christmas gifts for my boyfriend’s twin sisters proved to be a little challenging, especially since my boyfriend and I am far away from each other. We decided to look online for stuff that they might like and headed over to Eeazy Fashion for our Christmas Gifts shopping.

For Michelle, I chose this kitty ears headband, and I know it would fit her so well! Unfortunately, we got the item flawed :<

Flaw: Missing one pearl

It was missing one pearl :( As much as we would have wanted to return it, we didn’t have the time to wait for the replacement because we had to send it to Bahamas for Christmas. I had to improvise and I hope my improvisation lasts. The earrings were really cute, though, and I;m hoping Michelle loves it.

Mustache Earrings (Php 68) and Golden Leaf Hairband (Php 88) from Eazy Fashion

More accessories for Alyssa. We got a gold headband and a pair of mustache earrings. None defective. Hope she loves them too!

I couldn’t help but choose some for myself while browsing Eazy Fashion’s catalog. There are so many cute items, and I wish I could just buy everything!

Korean Military Hat (Php 199) from Eazy Fashion

Bow Heart Earrings from Eazy Fashion (PHP 149)

By the way, all of the prices in the description are reseller prices. You get to avail reseller prices by buying 6 or more products from Eazy Fashion’s catalog! I saved a lot by buying in bulk.

Looking forward to my next Eazy Fashion haul, without the defective items next time. There’s still too many cute items waiting to be bought. -HANA

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  • Chayel  says:

    Try checking ohkeaishop.com for fashion accessories. Prices are pretty affordable and we can vouch for the quality. Product pics posted are actual ones and we offer discounts for big orders, too. Thanks! :)

    • dollhana  says:

      Thanks for the recommendation. Hope my readers would also check your shop too!

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