Exclusive Luxury Resort Living in Pontefino Hotel and Residences, Batangas City

Pontefino Hotel

Pontefino Hotel and Residences, Batangas City

Pontefino Hotel and Residences in Batangas City has been home to the ladies of Miss Earth for many years, and has been Miss Earth’s partner in making the pageant’s Swimsuit and Resorts Wear competition truly a success. Since we have been following the girls since they arrived in Batangas City, we had the chance to see the Pontefino Hotel and Residences. Michael Arman Marquez, Corporate Sales Manager of Pontefino, gave us a quick tour of the Pontefino Prime. But first, let’s check out the luxurious hotel.

Pontefino Hotel

Pontefino Hotel and Residences welcomes Miss Earth 2013 Delegates


Pontefino Hotel

Pontefino Hotel Lobby

Pontefino Hotel Reception Area


Robusta Cafe and Restaurant

Upon entering the hotel lobby, a giant Christmas stree standing at about eight feet will greet you. To your left, the Reception Area awaits with its friendly receptionists. To your right, you will find Robusta Cafe and Restaurant, where you will enjoy a sumptuous meal any time of the day.

We had lunch in one of the long halls of the hotel, together with the Miss Earth 2013 delegates. While the buffet did not have a lot of viands to choose from, it made up for it with how tasty the dishes were. We left the dining area super busog. It was definitely a satisfying lunch buffet.

Pontefino Hotel’s Swimming Pool

Pontefino Hotel

Pontefino Hotel’s Pool Bar

At the back of the hotel, you will find a beautiful pool and an equally attractive pool bar located near it. The pool just makes you want to lounge all day long.

Pontefino Hotel

Inside the Pool Bar


The hotel from the Pool Bar area

We walked around the houses seated next to the hotel. The Pontefino Residences was a thing of beauty, coming from someone who adores Neo Victorian style when she sees it.

Pontefino Residences – Neo Victorian-themed Townhouses

A carport and an attic! ♥


And a long line of these eye-popping beauty. What I would give to live in one of these houses.


Further along, there were some more line of houses with the same lot area, only with a different layout

Due to its popularity, all of the townhouses in Blocks 1 to 3 have been sold out. Construction of Phases 4 and 5 are now on the way, offering a bigger lot and floor area.

I was pretty sold on the Pontefino Residences Townhouses, until Arman decided to take us for a drive to the location of Pontefino Prime.

Pontefino Prime Townhouses

The Model Unit

With two bedrooms and one Master’s bedroom on the Second floor

The Master’s Bedroom

Inside and outside the Master’s Bedroom

My heart skipped a beat while exploring the Model Unit. It was so beautiful, I can imagine having a family here, if not for the location. Arman knows how heartbroken I was when I figured there is nothing like this in Manila. I’m still praying they’ll develop something like this in Cebu. God knows I’ll migrate to Cebu in a heartbeat if there are houses as beautiful as this there.

The unit also features three Toilet and Bath, one inside and one outside the Master’s Bedroom, and one on the ground floor. It also has another room downstairs that can be used as a maid’s room.

The great thing about all these properties Pontefino is offering is that they can be a source of income or an investment. For someone who’s looking to earn passive income, buying a property in itself helps you earn through property appreciation. Unit owners may also enroll their units to Pontefino’s Leaseback Program, wherein they have the opportunity to earn monthly earnings of 30-40 thousand pesos. The management rents it out to interested parties, and unit owners earn income. This is a really good investment that one should save up for.

Pontefino Hotel Pool Side at Night

Pontefino Hotel at Night

The Pontefino Hotel and Residences is a beautiful escape from the metro. Not to mention, it’s only about an hour and a half-drive away via Startoll Expressway. I can see myself coming back for a weekend getaway, or a nice retreat, probably with friends or family. Hope you get to visit the place and try it out for yourself, too!-HANA

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