Early Christmas Gifts for DollHana

It’s so heartwarming to come home and see gifts from PR friends delivered and waiting for me at home. This is my first year not working in a full-time job, so I wasn’t really expecting any gifts other than from family and friends. And despite all the unexpected twists in my life recently, I still feel so blessed and grateful.

I would like to express my gratitude and love to the following people:

Ms. Kooky from iAcademy. Thank you so much ♥

Ta-da! A really pretty UniSilver watch. I love that I won’t be afraid to wear it anywhere!

A 30-Plant Firming Mask from Yakson House Makati. Thank you! I’ll be doing a review on this soon

One Fresh Apple Bath Soap from Ms. Rose, and A Recipe Book of Pack-Along Snacks & Baon from Maya Kitchen.

Maya Kitchen also sent boxes of Pancake and Cake Mixes. These will turn out into great snacks and cakes for the whole family. Thank you Ms. Tess and The Maya Kitchen!

A bar of Lindt Cranberry Chocolate from Tita Concha. :3


Bizu Treats! My family was so excited to try these and already finished the tub of Bizu Gourmet Popcorn.

My heartfelt thank you to my PR friends and sponsors ♥ You made this Christmas extra special. Praying for an awesome and more successful 2014 for all of you!-HANA

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