Dragon Nest SEA Code Hunters Guild Meet at SM Mall of Asia

Guild photo~

Have you ever considered meeting people you’ve interacted or played with online? I have.

In fact, I met most of my friends online. And they’re some of the people that I treasure most.

Since last year, I’ve been playing Dragon Nest online with my long-time online friends, and from there we made new friends through a guild. A guild is a group you join to meet other online players you can play the game with. It makes the game more fun and interactive. Our guild is interracial, so even though majority of the members are Filipinos, we also have Indonesians, and Singaporeans, among others.

Art and I feeling Bonnie and Clyde :))

Since it’s Christmas, we decided to have a grand eyeball (a meetup) at SM Mall of Asia so that we get to meet the players behind the characters. There were eleven members who attended, and we met up at the Seaside Area of the mall.

The guys are having a commotion at the back

Smile! :D

And after much debate on where to eat, we finally settled for Greenwich.

The problem with being online friends and being used to just doing everything online is we had no clue what to do when we’re actually together. After some indecision, we decided to go check out the rides at SM Mall of Asia’s Seaside.

On the Caterpillar at SM Mall of Asia

Afterwards, we went for some drinks at Uno Pizzeria, before calling it a night.

Saowie, Kana, and me

At Uno Pizzeria, SM MoA Seaside

It’s a little difficult reaching out to members who we only met for the first time that day. The older members who had the chance to met in a previous guild meet took it as a challenge to get to know them and get them to interact more with the rest of the group. Ideally, for people who only now each other online and are about to meet up in real life, the leaders of the group should plan an activity ahead of the event so that time is not wasted on awkward debate and indecision. Everyone’s trying to give way to what everyone else wants, but nothing gets accomplished that way. The leaders need to have a plan that the group will follow.

I hope that this will motivate you to organize your own meetup with your online friends! I know that at this day and age, there are still some people wary about EBs and actually meeting the people behind the online profiles. Just take the risk, go with some trusted friends, and have fun! Who knows, they might just be your next best pals. Cheers to making more friends, be it via online or offline, this 2014! -HANA

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