13 Things I Learned in 2013

Goodbye 2013!

Am I the only one excited to get this year over with? #LOL But seriously, while this year packed a lot more challenges than victories for me, I cannot overlook the fact that I’ve done so much with my life this year than all the six previous years of my life combined! Here are thirteen lessons and skills I learned in 2013:

1. How to fly by myself. I’ve always taken trips with my parents, but this year, I had to fly by myself to Cebu, not once, but thrice! I learned that I can’t carry all my ritual necessities in hand-carried baggage, since most are creams and liquid. I learned to buy ziplock for those creams that I can’t do without, and budget the 100 ml liquid item allocation properly to suit my needs.

2. How to break up with someone. The whole time, I never thought a time would come that I’d need to break up with my long time boyfriend. But seeing as how things are with me, there are times you just have to let go of the things you’ve been used to, of the person you used to love, to make way for better experiences, for you both. But break ups aren’t always easy. I learned to say goodbye to what comprised a big chunk of my life, and to say hello to a new one.

3. How to cry without making a sound. Yes. Essential skill.

4. How to sell insurance. This year, in my advocacy to promote financial literacy, I became a Sun Life Fianncial advisor. This includes, of course, offering insurance. I couldn’t believe that I could actually sell insurance! I never intended to. All I wanted was to teach people how they can manage their money better. But yes I did, and I helped people start towards financial freedome by educating them on the importance of insurance.

5. How to commute without taking a taxi every single time. When I was younger, my parents would drive me anywhere. When they can’t, they’d hire someone else to bring me where I need to be. If all else fails, taking a taxi was always the solution. But now that taxi drivers are so picky (when they shouldn’t even have the luxury to choose passengers!), I had to learn how to commute. I learned how to get to Eastwood and Katipunan, Robinsons Magnolia and SM Mall of Asia without taking a cab! Awesome.

6. How to do x-deals for my blog

7. How to understand and speak a little Bisaya. A little! Gamay lang.

Puso, or Hanging Rice

8. How to eat puso. Probably my favorite part of the culture in Cebu is eating puso when you eat out on the streets. I won’t touch a cup of rice here in Manila, but give me a bunch of puso in Cebu, and I’ll be munching on them in a heartbeat. What’s the difference? I don’t know, really. The latter has more appeal to me.

9. How to put on makeup on someone else, and get paid for it too! I took an HD Beauty and Fashion Makeup Course from HD Makeup Academy and I learned tons of stuff! The course literally debunked everything I knew about makeup. And after that, I’m getting paid to put on makeup on other people and I’m well on my way in building a good portfolio. Crazy, but I’m living the dream.

10. How to surf. Well, I still can’t stand on the surf board 100% of the time, but I’m getting there. Yep, I know how to surf. In theory.

11. How to sell at a tiangge. Yes, my online shop HALT Alternative, which I share ownership with my best friend, Lynette, joined a tiangge this year at Mead Johnson. I learned to be patient with customers and be extra patient when there are none.

12. How to resign from work. After one and a half years, I finally had the heart to resign from a job that was keeping me captive from doing the things I love.

13. How to love. Despite all the challenges that come with a long-distance relationship, and the multitude of differences in our personalities, at the end of the day, I still choose LOVE. I used to believe that love is a weakness. This year, I learned that love is strength. I never imagined I can do so many things for love. It was such a revelation to me, and that made me realize what TRUE LOVE really meant.

And this is exactly the reason why I love New Year celebrations. New Year’s bring with it a renewed hope that even if this year sucked the life out of me, and the year before that, and the year before that too, there is genuine faith that the coming year will be so much better. I’m turning twenty four next year, and I made up my mind what I want to be in 2014. But for now, let’s stick to a theme. The theme of my 2014 will be BEAUTIFUL. 2014, you’re mine!

To all my friends, family, and my dear readers, I pray that you’ll have a wonderful year ahead of you! Stay awesome. Cheers! -HANA

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  • Kathy Ngo  says:

    I’m happy for you sis … happy new year!

    • dollhana  says:

      Thanks Kenny! I want to leave a New Year greeting on your blog but I keep getting an Error 404. :< Is your blog working on your end?

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