12.21.2013~ Oh Happy Date

Oh happy date ♥

Today was all sorts of awesome.

Like I mentioned in my previous blog posts, my boyfriend Art lives in Cebu. Today is his second day here in Manila. The plan is to show him around and spend time with him and eat a lot of great food that we missed doing together while we were away from each other.

First stop: The cinemas. I’ve been dying to see Frozen for weeks now! And Frozen wasn’t showing in Cebu yet when I was there. We bought tickets for the 3PM movie and waited at JCO.

Hot Hazelnut Latte, Two Glazzies and a cup of Capuccino Avocado

Choco Caviar and Avocado DiCaprio

We had one hour to go before 3 PM, so we decided to kill time at J.CO. As usual, the line of people waiting to buy their donuts is unbelievable. We bought our coffee and donuts and waited until quarter to three. Since I don’t usually hang around J.CO, I didn’t know that every order of coffee comes with a free Glazzy donut. Cool.

Bored and killing time at J.CO

At quarter to three, we went on our way to the cinemas and picked up a tub of pop corn on the way. We missed the trailers but enjoyed the movie, nevertheless. My friends were right to recommend Frozen. The story was beautiful and magical and funny, all at the same time.

After that, we checked out the Megatrade Halls and searched for gifts for our moms and friends. It was kind of difficult agreeing on something we think our moms would like. And when we finally picked out the perfect gift after raiding plenty of stores, we felt so accomplished. Huzzah!

We also dropped by the arcades to play a few games and watch guys be all gay while they play Kinect and dance to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”

To end the day, we ate dinner at Yoshinoya and helped ourselves to a bowl of Chasu Ramen, A Jumbo Platter of Yakiniku and Misono, and four pieces of California Maki.

Jumbo Platter of Yakiniku and Misono

Chasu Ramen (Php 125)


California Maki (Php 59)

The ramen bowls are a recent addition to the menu, and we decided to try it out. For the price of Php 125, we agreed that the Chasu Ramen was okay. It was served hot, had four to five slices of beef, tasted well, and filled our tummies. The Yakiniku, probably one of Yoshinoya’s specialty dishes, tasted flavorful as usual. The Misono needed a little more flavor, but overall, the Jumbo Platter was filling!

Dinner at Yoshinoya

Today was a great day. And while you guys must think I’m filling this blog up with all my personal shiznits, I just really want to share positive vibes with everyone. Truth be told, the recent months have been difficult for me. I try to appreciate everything good happening in my life right now, and I don’t ever want to forget living in the moment and simply being happy. Cheers! -HANA

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