How to Make Your Face Smaller Without Surgery: Yakson House Makati Face Reduction Care

YaksonMyunga Yakson House in Makati City, Philippines

One of the things I’ve always felt insecure and unhappy about my face was that it was too round. Blame genetics because it’s something my mom has, too. Dieting didn’t really help with the cause of making my face more angular, because even when I have already become skin-thin, my face only slightly changed from its round shape. I swore I’d have it fixed, but undergoing plastic surgery for my face just wasn’t practical. Plastic surgery would cost a fortune, and cannot guarantee success.

Yakson House for the Skin

Which is why I was extremely happy when Yakson House appointed me as their Beauty Editor and invited me to try out their treatments for ten sessions and write about my experience with them. At first, I was not familiar with Yakson House, but I had high hopes that it wasn’t an ordinary massage clinic. Upon my first visit, I found that my expectations were exceeded.

For us Filipinos, massage is simply a way to achieve relaxation. We avail of massage services for our tired body, in hopes of loosening tight muscles and feeling relaxed after a stressful week. But what if I told you that Yakson House’s massage does not only hope to bring relaxation, but can also change the way you look?

Before and After Masks of a Yakson House client

Here is a photo of one of the displays in the Yakson House Makati clinic: a Before and After Masks of a Yakson House client. Take note of the date written on the forehead portion of the mask. When I saw this, my brain had a hard time processing it. In less than a month, the client’s face was incredibly smaller. How can it be smaller without undergoing surgery? I would have said it was magic, but the staff of Yakson House says that the display only attests to the power of the Golki therapy.

While waiting for the owner, Miss Kim Yu Min, I made myself comfortable in their waiting area. The interiors were lovely. It had a number of attractive and vintage looking displays that made the clinic very welcoming.

Ms. Kim, who was the owner of Yakson House Makati, came to meet me a little while later. She was a very sweet lady, and she welcomed me to their clinic. Her first questions was “What is your problem with your face?” To which I automatically replied, “It’s too round!”. She agreed, and we decided to make my face more V-shaped. At this point, I was ecstatic. Is it really possible to achieve my dreams of getting a more angular V-shaped face without undergoing surgery?

She also commented that my face was already small. Throughout the consultation, I kept asking for her feedback, and about what she thought I can still improve with my face, other than my primary concern about the shape. She noted that I had quite a number of pimples. 

Photo wall along Yakson House’s Hallway

After the consultation, I was led to the Treatment Room by Ms. Kim and the therapist who’d be in charge of me, Ms. Lisa. The Treatment Room had four beds, each with a pair of clean shirt and shorts to be worn by the client, and a cute tray where the client can place his/her clothes and other items.

The Treatment Room

A selfie prior to my first session: All smiles!

During the time I was there, I was the only client, so there wasn’t any need for the drapes. But they have drapes available to uphold the client’s privacy.

The first step was the Face Cleaning. It’s not a facial, so don’t be scared. Ms. Lisa applied a cleansing cream and toning essence on my face to remove my makeup. She also tediously removed my eyeliner and mascara to prevent it from smearing later on the mask. She also used a suction machine to suck out dirt and other impurities from the base of my neck to my forehead. They were very thorough and made sure that they suctioned all the parts of my face. After the cleaning, Ms. Kim took a photo of my face. This was for documentation purposes, so that later on, we can see the improvements and the results of the Face Reduction and Golki therapy.

Afterwards, Ms. Lisa did the back massage. The Backbone Care concentrated on the backbone, as well as on the shoulders, shoulder blades, and the base of the skull. Ms. Lisa skillfully used her fingers, up to the forearm and elbows to massage my back. This hurt a little bit from the pressure, but the pain was bearable. She also massaged my arms up to my hands and fingers, as well as my chest.

The massage took about thirty minutes. Ms. Kim took over afterwards for the Face Reduction care. I think that the Face Reduction care took longer than the other methods, but because Ms. Kim and I had a fun conversation about anything and everything, I felt very relaxed and comfortable. She mentioned that what she was doing was Golki therapy, or bone-to-bone massage, to loosen the tightness of my face. She put on pressure on some parts of my face and head with her fingers, but she was very gentle all throughout. She also said that the massage will help improve the circulation to my face.

The Face resizing and reduction care is not only intended to make the face smaller, but also to correct deformities and imperfections with the client’s facial structure. Many clients come to Yakson House to correct the asymmetry of their face, and some even avail the service to address their sagging face.

Application of mask pack

One of the most exciting parts of the Face Reduction treatment was the application of the facial mask pack. My eyes were protected with a thick layer of gauze to keep the substance from entering my eyes. There was also a layer of gauze placed on my face as the base of the mask, and to make it easier to remove.

Ms. Tina, perfecting the mask

Another staff and therapist of Yakson House Makati, Ms. Tina, is seen in the photo above perfecting the facial mask.

Drying the Facial Mask Pack

They left the mask to dry for ten minutes. My eyes were closed and covered with a gauze pad, so I really couldn’t see anything during that time. I did feel that my face was hot, probably from the mask.

First Mask. Yay!

They removed the mask after ten minutes and set it aside. The last step of the treatment was another facial care. Ms. Lisa worked on my face again to make sure that it was glowing and refreshed before I stepped out of the Treatment room.

Refreshed from the massage and treatment. Thank you so much, Ms. Kim and the rest of the Yakson House staff! See you again soon!

I can definitely say that my first session with Yakson House was memorable. I look forward to my other Face Reduction sessions as well. I already made a reservation for my next appointment, because the clinic is always booked! It would be problematic to attempt to walk-in because they have many clients availing their treatments, so it would be best to call them for reservations.

Yakson House Makati, Philippines

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Call 8929441 for reservation

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