World Pneumonia Day Celebrated by Philippine Health Experts and DOH

Not many parents take pneumonia seriously. After all, despite being ranked as the number 1 cause of mortality of children under five years old, parents and untrained health workers simply shrug it off as ‘just a fever’. Can you imagine how many children do not reach their 5th birthday because of a preventable disease such as pneumonia?

Five infants from Tagaytay were given pneumococcal vaccines to protect them from Pneumonia

The council for the World Pneumonia Day declared a call to action, where support for local health care workers and solutions such as encouraging breastfeeding, education on sanitation practices, and god nutrition should be introduced. Of course, the deadly pneumonia can be stopped not without help from medical interventions such as immunizing infants as early as 6 weeks old. It has been found to be crucial in preventing deaths caused by pneumonia.

Happy fifth birthday to every child protected by the pneumococcal vaccine!

This is all part of the full implementation of the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia and Diarrhea, deemed to be two preventable leading causes of mortality. It is safe to assume that the Millenium Development Goal, which aims to cut childhood mortality by two thirds from year 1990 by year 2015, is within reach. And it is with great pride that the DOH and more health professionals announce that with intensified, sustained, and integrated efforts, more children will live to celebrate their 5th birthday, not only in the Philippines, but all around the world.

The Maneuvers joins the World Pneumonia Day celebration

In support for the initiative, the Department of Health did a celebratory dance event called the Fifth Birthday. It was none other than DOH Assistant Secretary Dr. Eric Tayag that led doctors from both private and public sectors to break out into dancing in celebration of the cause. The event’s highlight was the ceremonial vaccination campaign, where five infants from Tagaytay City were given the pneumococcal vaccines to protect themselves from pneumonia. They even wheeled out a giant birthday cake, as a symbol of celebration of the fifth birthday the children protected by the vaccine will be celebrating.-HANA

Cha, Stacy and I during the celebratory dance

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