Typhoon Yolanda to Enter PAR Thursday Morning + Typhoon Safety and Preparedness Tips

Path of Typhoon Yolanda

Heads up, everyone! Typhoon Yolanda, recognized with its international name, Typhoon Haiyan, is expected to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility by Thursday Morning, or even as early as late Wednesday night. Wunderground meterorologist Jeff Masters warns that Typhoon Yolanda “will likely be the most dangerous tropical cyclone to affect the Philippines this year,” with winds of 200kph hitting Samar, Leyte, and the rest of the Visayas and Bicol.

While Manila won’t be hit as hard by Typhoon Yolanda, it would still be best to take extra precaution and preparation. And for our friends in Cebu and Bohol who were affected by the magnitude 7.2 earthquake less than two weeks ago, stay strong! We’ll come out of this challenge stronger than we were before. I know how many of the people in Cebu and Bohol have not yet fully recovered from the devastating effects of the previous tragedy, but we here in Manila will be here to support you.

Here are some important reminders to prepare all of us for the coming typhoon:


Typhoon Safety Checklist

Don’t forget to save some of these numbers on your phone or write them down on a piece of paper for reference:

Emergency Hotlines in Metro Manila

Emergency Contact Numbers for Cebu (taken from MusikaSugbu.com)

We’re lucky to have been given time to prepare for the super typhoon that is coming ahead. In the event that it’s not as ravaging as everyone is making it out to be, it’s still better to be prepared! We have less than twenty four hours to go before a potential disaster strikes. All we can do is be prepared for it, hope for the best, and pray for our families and our country. -HANA

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