America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 Guys VS. Girls Winner is…

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 was all about Guys VS. Girls. The modelling world has always been for women, and now, the guys want their share of the limelight too. Thus, there were 16 contestants for this cycle, eight girls, and eight guys, competing to be hailed as America’s Next Top Model.

Trailer Park Photoshoot: Chris H. and Jourdan

It was a long season, and the show has seen a lot of great contestants that had the makings to become Top Model winner, but got eliminated too soon. There was the quirky girl Nina, who was likened to Cycle 17 Allison Harvard because of her big eyes. There was also Chris H., who was always the center of controversy in the competition.

And finally, it has come down to three contestants: Marvin, Cory, and Jourdan. Marvin, the Hispanic guy whose sob story was that he is a son of the janitor, have come so far from when he began in the competition. Cory, the androgenous male model, who aims to make androgeny prime in the modelling industry; And Jourdan, the girl who takes great photos without even trying. During the few minutes before the contestants’ final catwqalk, Cory was eliminated from the competition, but still came out so fierce on the runway! Between Marvin and Cory, Cory has a better chance of winning against Jourdan, but androgeny has not yet reached its time in the modelling world.

And so, it was between Marvin and Jourdan. The contest was pretty much predictable at that point, based on the two’s performance throughout the season. Marvin has won one best photo against Jourdan’s five. Jourdan’s weakness, however, has always been her “lack of personality.”

Despite this, it was Jourdan’s cycle all the way! Queen Jourdan won! Like Bryanboy, I’ll probably throw stuff if Marvin won instead of her. Marvin’s not yet due, and the five point lead Jourdan had on Marvin in the final score was enough to reveal that the Top Model judges felt the same way.

Congratulations, Jourdan! You are FIERCE!

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