Seven of the Most Beautiful Miss Earth 2013 Candidates Share Their Beauty Secrets

Miss Earth 2013 Candidates with Chef Jessie and Mercury Drug Corporation at the 100 Revolving Restaurant, Eastwood, Quezon City

Earlier today, we caught up with some of the Miss Earth candidates enjoying lunch over at Chef Jessie’s 100 Revolving Restaurant, Eastwood, Quezon City. With the day of the Miss Earth pageant looming over our beautiful contestants, one cannot help but wonder how they keep calm and stay beautiful under pressure. We asked seven of these lovely ladies what their beauty secrets are, and here are their answers:

Miss Earth Candidates: Miss Colombia, Miss Poland, and Miss Switzerland

Miss Colombia: “I apply ice under my eyes every morning to prevent dark undereye circles.”

Miss Poland: “I do a lot of activities. I’m very sporty. I go cycling and hiking. Also, I make sure to get eight hours of sleep.”

Miss Switzerland: “My beauty secret is my love for all people. That love comes back to me many ways, and its responsible for keeping me glowing. I do workout thrice a week.”

Miss Earth Candidates: Miss Singapore and Miss Chinese Taipei, Miss Israel and Miss Lithuania

Miss Chinese Taipei: “I get lots of rest and drink lots of water.”

Miss Singapore: “It’s the same for me. Lots of rest, water, and plenty of exercise.”

Miss Israel: “I’m vegetarian. I also don’t drink soda and alcohol. I only drink juice and water. Just healthy living.”

Miss Lithuania: “My beauty secret? I don’t know. Just natural beauty, I guess. It’s just genetics.” (You already!)

Even though some of them had a hard time communicating in English, they were really friendly and down-to-earth, and tried to answer my questions as best as they can. Take note of their beauty secret, ladies! Who knows, it just might work for us and give us that pageant-ready look. -HANA

You may support your favorite candidates online by heading over to the Miss Photogenic Online Voting Page or the Miss Eco-Beauty Online Voting Page. Don’t forget to support our own, too! Vote for and support Miss Philippines Angelee delos Reyes in the competition by voting online for her and tuning in on December 7 for the Miss Earth Pageant Night.

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  • Aldous Calubad (@team_aldous)  says:

    you’re so lucky to get invited here..crush ko na si Switzerland

    • dollhana  says:

      Lol! Si Poland at si Mongolia talaga ang crush ko.

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