Revlon Roaming Limousine Makeovers

The Revlon Roaming Limousine / Mobile Salon

Girls, keep your eyes open for the Revlon Roaming Limousine! It has hit the metro giving fabulous Revlon makeovers, where you get to sample their latest products for yourself. I’m sure you are all aware of how Revlon has been making waves in the beauty industry since the 1930’s, so you’re not new to Revlon. I am grateful for this new campaign, though, which engages the customers more with a personal touch. Revlon has put together a talented team of hair stylists and makeup artists plus a mini-van full of Revlon products. Who could say no to that?

Here’s what the Revlon Roaming Limousine looks like from inside:

Cosmetics galore! I had to keep myself from spazzing every five minutes from the excitement of seeing all these Revlon products.

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Nail Polish

MUA Ricardo Carlos and Revlon Trainer Geraldine Carlos working hard on the girls’ makeover


MUA Ricardo Carlos giving some makeup application tips during the makeover; Hairstylist Kyle sets the hair of a co-blogger

Glam fishbraid! Would love to wear my hair like that any day.


Me inside the Revlon Roaming Limousine with Kyle and my MUA Ricardo Carlos

NOTD: Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Polish

It was an incredible experience to be inside the Revlon Roaming Limousine. The thing that I enjoyed most was getting makeup tips from the MUAs, plus picking up helpful 411 on which Revlon products work for what. Now I’m looking forward to getting myself a Revlon Eye Primer, as well as their Color Correcting (CC) Cream. They also have a new foundation, the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, which provides medium coverage, but makes you look like you’re not wearing makeup at all. The good news is, the Revlon Nearly Nude foundation is more affordable that their Photoready or Colorstay foundations, and has the same durability as the mentioned foundations. It’s available in department stores and Revlon makeup counters for only Php 525.

The Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail polish makes nail painting really easy. I’m not very good at painting my nails, but it was easy enough with the Revlon Brilliant Strength, probably with the soft brush that was easy to control, perfect for nail polish newbies like me. It’s also a nail polish and topcoat in one, giving the perfect salon finish that you achieve by DIY-ing at home.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (Php 525)

Two other products that are high on my To-Buy List are the Revlon Brow Fantasy and Revlon Kissable Lip Balm. The Revlon Brown Fantasy (Php 600) is a brow pencil on one end, and a tinted brow gel on the other, perfect for setting unruly eyebrows in place. It’s a great makeup product for filling the brows with ease. The Revlon Kissable Lip Balm, on the other hand, is a highly pigmented lip balm, so you get the lip color that you want without drying your puckers out. It’s a lip balm, only better! I couldn’t even tell it was a lip balm with how pigmented it was.

Post-Revlon Makeover

Me with Aileen

I looked like I was going to a wedding! Thanks Revlon and the Revlon team for the wonderful makeover.

The Revlon Roaming Limousine is a great initiative by the cosmetic giant to reach out to more women outside the department store. The Mobile salon will engage prospective customers to experience a Revlon Limo makeover upon purchase of Revlon products. Don’t miss out on the experience, ladies! Watch out for the Revlon Roaming Limousine as it visit areas near you. -HANA

3 comments to Revlon Roaming Limousine Makeovers

  • eyah  says:

    hi Hana! first of all nice meeting you on the event! :)

    I relly love the result onyour makeover and mine as well.. I have my nearly naked foundation and I am so inlove with it!

  • eyah  says:

    hi! first of all nice meeting you at the event :)

    I love their foundation, I have 2 of their nearly naked :) grabeh paguwi ko at 10pm.. I still have the full make up :)

    • dollhana  says:

      Ako din! It’s super durable kahit na oily yung skin ko. I love the CC + Nearly Naked combo

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