Review: Chef Jessie Rockwell Club, Amorsolo Drive, Makati

One Saturday afternoon, worldwide leading brand in tours, Contiki, gathered us bloggers at Chef Jessie’s for an short intimate meet. Chef Jessie especially prepared this feast for us that afternoon, most of which are not on her restaurant’s menu.

Sansrival Bars

Most of the items served were bite-size, easy to enjoy snacks, such as sandwiches, sansrival bars, and scones.

Despite my great dislike for nuts, I immensely enjoyed Chef Jessie’s sansrival bars. The amount of nuts was just right for me, and it wasn’t very sweet like most creamy sansrivals.

The Syrup-glazed bite-sized Fruit tarts were a very welcomed dessert. This provided variety to the hugely cream and bread choice of offering.

The Cream Puffs were a favorite! It was just that it was a bit too sweet to have more than two or three. I couldn’t help myself to more.

The sandwiches were also my favorite. It came in three varieties: Salmon, Egg, and Cucumber. My pick would have to be the Salmon sandwich and the Egg sandwich. It got me full really easily.

Chef Jessie’s Scones

But my ultimate favorite for the day goes to Chef Jessie’s famous Scones! Served with Chef Jessie’s homemade mango jam or cream for topping (or dipping), the scones are like oatmeal raisin cookies that were perfectly baked and delicious even without the dips. But the dips add flavor to the scones, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on their homemade mango jam. I even asked Chef Jessie if she’d ever sell her homemade mango jams, to which she replied, “Not at the moment.” I really did hope to bring home a jar of those prized homemade mango jams for my mom. Believe me when I say they are gold!

Chef Jessie at Rockwell Club is a high-end dining venue, perfect for events, be it sitdown or cocktail ones. They can accommodate 150-200 guests for private functions. It offers fine dining international cuisine from 11 AM-11 PM. Don’t forget to make a reservation, though to ensure you get a table on their busy days. -HANA

Chef Jessie Rockwell Club

Ground Level, Amorsolo Square, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center

890-6543 / 890-7630 / 897-7516 / 729-0155

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