Nothing Beats PLDT Fibr + Alicia Keys Set the World on Fire Tour

Alicia Keys Set The World on Fire Tour

Alicia Keys is performing here in Manila on November 25! That’s on Monday, folks. And three lucky people are getting two tickets each to her concert, thanks to PLDT Home. All you have to do is check out the mechanics HERE.


As for me, if I had Fibr at home, I can probably multitask easier. Play online games while streaming songs on Youtube, while downloading movies and the latest episodes of my favorite show, all at the same time. I think that because Fibr’s so fast, I’ll run out of things to download sooner than I think! Maybe I can even livestream Alicia Keys’ concert, if that was even possible :)

Alicia Keys in Karma MV

And for my favorite Alicia Keys song, that a tough one. Alicia Keys is such a talented singer and performer that most of her songs easily become hits. But if I had to choose just one song, Karma would have to be my favorite. Karma is catchy and sounds so fierce. It’s not a popular choice as a favorite Alicia Keys song, but I like it anyway.

Check out Fibr’s website today and see which Fibr plan best fits you. -HANA

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