Review: Not So Amazing Experience at Pinoy Spa, Sta. Lucia Mall, Cainta

I don’t really know if this place is worth reviewing at all, since the services are all so cheap. But for those contemplating about getting a treatment or a service done here, here’s my opinion of Pinoy Spa.

pinoy spa

Pinoy Spa, Sta. Lucia Mall, Cainta

It was my best friend, Justine, who invited me to come have a mani/pedi bonding with her. Since she invited, it goes without saying that she plans to treat me to a pampering session. She chose Pinoy Spa as the venue of our bonding, saying its affordable and the service was satisfactory.

We got there at around 2:30 in the afternoon and approached the counter to inform them of our chosen services. The attendant told us to take our seats and make ourselves comfortable while waiting for someone to attend to us. While waiting, I noted that there was one customer, and one attendant doing her pedicure. Aware of how cheap the services are, we didn’t expect there would be wifi. There were magazines provided, though, and we helped ourselves to read old, tattered copies of local showbiz magazines, most missing covers and a few pages. Their choice of magazines were uninformative to me, but I guess some people like these showbiz gossip.

pinoy spa

Footsoak gone cold

It took one attendant fifteen minutes to bring out a basin of foot soak for Justine. It took them another ten minutes to bring out a soak for me. The soak was comfortably warm, and we dipped our feet in the water for quite a while. Quite a while turned into a long while, and I can feel that the warm water has gone cold now. Not lukewarm, just cold and uncomfortable (because I easily get cold). Justine was lucky to have someone attend to her before her foot soak got cold. On the other hand, I waited for the attendant who was doing the other customer’s nails to finish, before I finally get my turn to be serviced.

For the duration of the service, I was really restless and kept looking at what the attendant was doing. It felt like my toes were going to be massacred any minute, and I was really scared of getting my feet injured (I kinda need my feet for walking a lot, you know). Thanks heavens she did not cause me any injury. She did cause me to lose a lot of peace of mind. And it was obvious that she was rushing to finish with me, because there were a lot of customers inquiring and wanting to avail some services. My nails weren’t cut evenly and properly, obviously because she was already hurrying. Some of my toe nails were cut square and some corners round. But that didn’t bother me anymore, as long as she didn’t wound me, I’m fine with that.

pinoy spa

Here were some of the issues I had with Pinoy Spa:

1. They were understaffed. A lot of people are looking to avail their services because the services were really cheap. Our mani-pedi-foot spa combination was priced at Php 350. Massage goes at around Php 300. Yet, they only had four attendants. This was why the attendants were just rushing to finish one client after another, without providing their best service, and making sure that the paying client leaves satisfied.

2. They only had local nail polish brands Caronia and Caress. I’m not a big fan of local nail polish because they easily turn nails yellow. I’m assuming they’re not as durable as Orly, OPI, and other more popular brands. However, my nail polish has not chipped yet, and it’s been a week and a half. But it’s understandable if they go for local brands. It is, after all, Pinoy Spa.

pinoy spa

3. There was a lot of mindless chatter going on. There was one off-duty attendant who just happened to drop by while waiting for another staff of the said spa. She kept chatting with the attendant who was doing my nails, going into details of how they were so drunk last night, and how many sisig they ate. I don’t really mind that the service was not meeting expectations, but at least give us room to relax! A spa should be a conducive environment to feel refreshed and rejuvenated and not bothered by mundane details and things of little interest. Chatter should ALWAYS be minimized, if not avoided, in a spa.

So far, I did like that they got the job of painting my nails done properly, and that the services were cheap. There were a lot of seats to accommodate a big group of clients, but the attendants would not be enough to service a group of anywhere over four people. They also offer haircut, hair color, and other hair treatments and services, so it’s a one-stop pampering / makeover shop.

pinoy spa

For reasons stated above, I won’t be coming back to Pinoy Spa any time soon. I love my peace of mind, thank you very much. I do hope they’d take into consideration the points I raised above in improving their services. After all, it won’t be nice for a “Pinoy” Spa to be branded as substandard and providing unpleasant experiences. -HANA

2 comments to Review: Not So Amazing Experience at Pinoy Spa, Sta. Lucia Mall, Cainta

  • earthlingorgeous  says:

    i hate such salons haha i also hate loud technicians sila nalang ung naririnig mo di ka na makapagrelax

    • dollhana  says:

      Yeah. Ayoko nang magtipid kung ganyan ang service na makukuha ko :))

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