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As a race, Filipinos are generous at heart and love giving gifts to their friends and loved ones. It comes as no surprise that we love receiving gifts, too, for any or no occasion at all. And while this is the case, many of us excited gift givers struggle with the process of gift-giving, racking our brains to come up with the best gift that the recipient would love.

So I was browsing the net, looking for gift ideas for this coming Christmas season, and I stumbled upon, an online gift shop for any or no occasion. The items are catalogued properly, so you can shop based on a specific criteria with ease. Say, you want to shop for a congratulatory gift? Head on over to the Shop by Occasions and click on the Congratulations link, which will lead you to a display of gift ideas for a congratulatory gift. They can also personalize gifts, if you prefer something with a more personal touch.

Gifts For Him

For girl friends and daddy’s girls, an extra challenge for us is to find a gift our men would love. If there was a handbook about Choosing Gifts For Men, I’ll probably be purchasing it and make it my ultimate gift-giving bible. Unfortunately, there isn’t one. But no fret! has exactly what we girls need — a rich selection of gift ideas for men! Isn’t it brilliant? Not to mention, it will save me time and a headache from thinking of suitable gifts for guys.

I’m not saying that we girls are the only ones who suffer from gift-giving woes. It’s just that, guys have it easier since girls are more predictable with the things they want. However, if you’re still clueless about what to gift your girl, also has an extensive selection of gifts for girls. You can get a lot of gift ideas from their catalogue to surprise us on our off days.

And through, you’re not limited to sending gifts. You can even send a full meal, good for five persons! So even when you’re far away from your family and friends, you can help make your presence felt by sharing in their joy and celebration of a special occasion.

So if you’ve checked out‘s catalogue and you’re ready to make your first purchase, you’d be surprised to find out that you’ll be through with the gift-giving process in six easy steps. Here’s a very informative guide on how to go about through ordering your choice of gift from

One of the cool parts is that you get to choose your payment option and whether you’d like to pay online or offline. Yes, amazingly, they accept online payments, something which not a lot of online shops are yet prepared for. Also, they can deliver the same day for addresses within Metro Manila, and can deliver on a specific date and time of your choosing!  They deliver anywhere in the Philippines, even war-stricken areas such as Zamboanga. And if you’re buying flowers, their promise is that they will deliver them fresh and presentable. is a great find for me, especially since I have a few friends who live miles away, and there are times when I have to send them gifts ASAP, like a friend who’s having a really bad day, or me remembering its their birthday on the actual day. I’m excited to make my first purchase and surprise someone with the gifts I’ll be sending their way. I hope you found this website useful as well! -HANA

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