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Breathtaking View of the City From 100 Revolving Restaurant, Eastwood, Quezon City

Chef Jessie’s 100 Revolving Restaurant, MDC 100 Building, Eastwood, Quezon City

What’s it like dining in 100 Revolving Restaurant by famous Chef Jessie Sincioco? Imagine taking in the beautiful view of the majestic skyline from the 33rd floor of the MDC Building in Eastwood, which is just the tallest structure in Eastwood City...

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Beethoven’s Ode to Joy Flash Mob Orchestra

Sharing with you guys one of the most beautifully performed flash mobs ever.

I think this would make a really fantastic idea for a wedding proposal. I can just imagine, since street performers are a thing now at Bonifacio High Street, it wouldn’t be out of place to find a person with a cello in the middle of the shopping district...

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Revlon Roaming Limousine Makeovers

The Revlon Roaming Limousine / Mobile Salon

Girls, keep your eyes open for the Revlon Roaming Limousine! It has hit the metro giving fabulous Revlon makeovers, where you get to sample their latest products for yourself. I’m sure you are all aware of how Revlon has been making waves in the beauty industry since the 1930’s, so you’re not new to Revlon. I am grateful for this new campaign, though, which engages the customers more with a personal touch...

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Review: Not So Amazing Experience at Pinoy Spa, Sta. Lucia Mall, Cainta

I don’t really know if this place is worth reviewing at all, since the services are all so cheap. But for those contemplating about getting a treatment or a service done here, here’s my opinion of Pinoy Spa.

pinoy spa

Pinoy Spa, Sta. Lucia Mall, Cainta

It was my best friend, Justine, who invited me to come have a mani/pedi bonding with her. Since she invited, it goes without saying that she plans to treat me to a pampering session...

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Blogapalooza 2013: The Aftermath

blogapalooza 2013

Trending: #Blogapalooza

Last November 16, 2013, close to 500 bloggers and some friends from the media attended Blogapalooza, the biggest Business-to-Blogger event in the country. Hosted by When in Manila Founder and Radio DJ Vince Golangco, the event brought together more than thirty businesses to showcase their products and services to the digital influencers.

blogapalooza 2013

I believe that I was not the only one overwhelmed by the exhibit-type setup, as well as the amount of goodies these businesses were giv...

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Nothing Beats PLDT Fibr + Alicia Keys Set the World on Fire Tour

Alicia Keys Set The World on Fire Tour

Alicia Keys is performing here in Manila on November 25! That’s on Monday, folks. And three lucky people are getting two tickets each to her concert, thanks to PLDT Home. All you have to do is check out the mechanics HERE.

As for me, if I had Fibr at home, I can probably multitask easier. Play online games while streaming songs on Youtube, while downloading movies and the latest episodes of my favorite show, all at the same time...

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Review: Meeting Expectations at Nozumi Japanese Casual Dining Restaurant, Ortigas Pasig City

nozomi japanese restaurant

Nozumi Japanese Casual Dining Restaurant, Ortigas, Pasig City

In Japanese, the name Nozumi stems from two words: nao and mi, which translates to hope and great expectations, two things that the restaurant aspires to meet with their service and food quality.

We had the great privilege of trying out Nozumi for ourselves last November 9, 2013, as they graciously welcomed bloggers and celebrities for The Red Pastries’ Sweet Launch. Here’s how it fared:

nozomi japanese restaurant

Sweet Crazy Maki (Php 225)

nozomi japanese restaurant

Tofu Steak (Php...

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The Pastries for All Occasion: Red Pastries’ The Sweet Launch

Red Pastries: Cupcakes and More

Cupcakes, muffins, and pastries galore. This is the promise of Red Pastries, an exciting new venture of Erika Ongtauco and Joyce Siy. They invited bloggers and celebrities to the Red Pastries The Sweet Launch, sharing with us what makes them stand out among the many pastry businesses in the metro. Here are some photos from the launch:

The launch was held at Nozumi Japanese Casual Dining Restaurant at One Corporate Center, Ortigas...

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Travel with Contiki and Live Life with #NoRegrets

Contiki #NoRegrets Campaign: Use the promo code ContikiHana to get 10% OFF on your Contiki booking. Share the promo code with your friends, and enjoy the best from Contiki.

If you’re a true-blue wanderlust and you have not heard of Contiki, then you’re missing out on the best this world has to offer. Contiki has been the worldwide leader for over 50 years in providing the best itineraries and trips for the 18-35 year old...

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Five Smart Ways to Spend Your Christmas Bonus

It’s that wonderful time of the year again when employees look forward to their big, fat Christmas bonus like kids look forward to their requested gift from Santa. Of course, the impulse to splurge on gifts and clothes and go shopping like crazy is strong with everyone. It won’t be a surprise to know that some people even spend their Christmas bonus even before they receive it! Yes, some people think of this as rewarding themselves with an extra early Christmas gift...

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