Anti-Rape Wear Gains Online Notoriety Among Feminist Groups


Rape has always been a major concern for women. Which leads us to our question, “Will you ever buy an anti-rape underwear for yourself?”

Here is where AR Wear, or Anti-Rape Wear comes in. AR wear, a crowdfunded project on Indiegogo aiming to raise $ 50, 000, has already made 70% of their target funding. The product resembles a cycling shorts, as it is form-fitting, but boasts of a “protective, skeletal structure” which is resistant to stretch, rips, and cuts. It also features a button-like lock, which can only be unlocked with clockhand combinations that are known only to the wearer. Thus, it is impenetrable to any assailant.

Anti-Rape Wear for “when things go wrong.”

The concept is very novel, and it made me ponder on whether I myself am willing to shell out cash for this kind of underwear. However, AR Wear instantly became notorious online, especially with the feminist groups reacting to it. Many women have pointed out that the blame is shifted from the attacker or assailant, to the victim; that it becomes a crime for women to not guard themselves against rape because they have chosen not to wear AR wear that day. Feminist writer Louise Pennington wrote on the Huffington Post, “Their tagline: “A clothing line offering wearable protection for when things go wrong” demonstrates the quite serious problems we have when discussing rape. Rather than naming rape for what it is, we obfuscate. Rape is not “something that goes wrong”. It is a crime with a clear perpetrator who chooses to rape. It isn’t an accident.”

To which many more issues and questions about the product comes up, such as, “What if the assailant threatens to hurt the victim if she doesn’t take off the AR wear herself?”. The convenience of wearing and removing AR wear has also been questioned. “What if I have a great urge to pee?” Lastly, the question of who we put the responsibility of rape on. Here are some of the comments on their promotional video posted on Facebook:


Despite this, the startup group is quickly raising the funds needed to propel them into production of the AR wear. This means that despite feminist opinions, some people would still choose to be safe than sorry.

What’s your opinion on the AR Wear?-HANA


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