An Interview With The Magno Twins

I got the chance to meet the Magno twins, MM and MJ last Friday, during SM City Manila’s The Sweetest Christmas Launch. They were staying over at Tony & Jackey’s, and we bloggers thought we could hang out and chat with them for a while.

Truth be told, I have not made acquaintance with any of their songs or music videos, but they were kind enough to show us their newest single, This is Our World. Here’s the full music video:

Surprisingly, these pretty boys who looked like they walked out straight from a koreanovela does not event have a hint of Korean genes in their blood! The world just can’t have one dashing ulzzang-looking fine specimen of a man walking around the streets of Manila. They just had to be twins. And they were lucky enough to be discovered while being part of the audience of Kuya Germs’ late night show.

Now I don’t really know how you can tell the Magno twins apart. It is a difficult feat, something I was silly enough to attempt, but was not impossible for those who know how to look. MJ has a small tattoo on the side of his right hand. And MM has bigger arms, I think. When asked about what sets them apart, since the universe made them alike in most ways, MJ says that their personal style is different. While MM prefers wearing fitted shirts, MJ was more into jackets an loose tops.

These extra talented dudes can sing and play the guitar, bass, and piano. It doesn’t hurt that they can show off some dance moves, too. Their This is Our World video did not look Filipino at all, and you’d have a hard time telling until they start singing in Tagalog. The twins believe that they can change how the world sees Pinoy Pop, and hopefully make P-Pop something that we Filipinos would be proud of. Their music is hugely influenced by R&B icons such as Boyz II Men, Usher, Justine Timberlake, and K-pop star G-dragon. MJ says that he hopes he can collaborate with Gary Valenciano someday, while MM says he’d love to work with Kris Lawrence or Jay-R.

Oh, and for the girls, the Magno twins says that they have the same taste in women. They prefer Chinitas.

Here’s a short Christmas shout out to all of their fans:


The Magno twins has huge potential, that I can say. Despite their fame, they remain down-to-earth, and attended to their fans really well. They were actually in the area to do a Meet and Greet for their fans. I fervently hope that they can change the Philippine music landscape, and really show the world something that the world would recognize to be truly Pinoy.-HANA

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